Sunday, August 16

wind daughters... and frog

The wind had much to share today. I couldn't open my arms and soul wide enough to let in the Autumn tales.

The Wildflower stood nearby just letting it whisper about her head... and then it picked up...

Difficult to tell... but she is breathing deeply, anticipating the high winds.

Gleeful at been thrown about by the wind.

agen agen!!
I'll ask darling, I'll ask...

We stood and stretched, we danced, we giggled, we sat and waited, we heard...... and we were filled.


  1. I feel that way about the wind, too. Every bit of it.

    My husband grumbles at it interminably, however.
    I try not to take it personally... much like his teasing remarks of "damned hippies."

  2. Michael thinks the wind is pretty cool, though not with the reaction the Wildflower gets! I like it, as long as it isn't tainted with rain or bitter which case I'd rather enjoy it from indoors!

    And yes, I could hear her breathing in the video!

  3. Ah, a kindred spirit - wind and a frog. Blessed may she be.

  4. The wind is usually a friend of mine, especially when I am walking along a deserted beach but I also find that at times it brings weird energy...making me want to close the doors and windows and watch it from a distance...
    Thanks for sharing that Mon

  5. Oh look at her! Little buddha wind beautiful girl. At one with it all, and then - go!

  6. erm...don't know where my comment went...

    she's catching the 'seventh wave' - her breath catching the rhythm - she knows!

    Love the new look btw


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