Thursday, October 8

toys I won't be buying

We are visiting England in November and there are three items of immense importance (truly) on our To Buy list.

Wooden toys

All things that are outrageously expensive over here, or to deliver over here.

Anyway, I've ordered a few things already, getting them delivered to the In-Laws' place. But I wanted to share, for a bit of fun (because it's so bizarre and wrong you gotta laugh) the items I won't be buying.

Pole Dancer doll

Nipple Tassle Toddler T-Shirt
yes, toddler

multiracial gone very odd?

Larvae Plushie

Learn Not to Count

Child's ATM Machine

Pee & Poo
snuggle with these kids

yes, the horse is wearing heels and makeup

Bling Bling Barbie
because we didn't have enough issues with her

UFO Player
Disney heroines, yesss.... sing karaoke, hmmm... into a ufo... I see


  1. too funny, made my morning...(kind of scary too of course)

  2. Excellent! I too wander around the toyshop looking in disbelief at what they have come up with.

  3. EEEKK!! I thought I'd seen it all....

    Call me crazy...but I kinda like the larva...:)

  4. OMG...Hilarious! Especially the pee and poo plushies. Who thinks of this stuff?

  5. Okay the toddler Nipple Tassle T-shirt goes down as the greatest thing I have ever seen but would never buy. Awesome!

  6. The Pee and Poo! I exists for real! My friend's teenage daughter has these on her bed along with dozens of other plush toys. I picked up the poo and innocently inquired as to what it was. Then she showed me pee. I near died. Great list!

  7. Thanks for the great laugh, Mon! It makes you wonder how these things make it to market. And apparently, (as SwedishJenn just attested)people actually buy them! We have to laugh or else we'll cry in despair over what we've come to.

  8. OMG! *picks jaw up from floor*
    Thank goodness my daughter gets to see real horses and won't grow up thinking they have high heels.

  9. These are funny, but you have to wonder who comes up with this stuff and who would but it, but funny all the same.

  10. The larvae plushie made me laugh. The pee and poo are pretty funny, too. They rest is just scary.

  11. willow - and the horse is in some sort of catwalk show....

  12. Ahh!! So hilarious!! I think I might buy the pee and poo plushies and try to use them with potty learning ... kidding. But it would be a funny present for DH because we joke that he gets all the yucky diaper "presents."

  13. For real? Wow...

    A neighbor had a stuffed animal named Poo when we were little. He got confused one day, and flushed it.

  14. i think pee and pooh top the charts!

  15. Nearly fell off my chair laughing. Until I thought about it some more. *Blink, blink*. I've seen some doozies over the years, and we've received the odd thing that has been deftly removed from the house, but that is quite some list.

    I do think the larvae plushie has some Wednesday Adams appeal...

    But it's all so very, very wrong.

  16. Yay! Coming to Norfolk? Come have tea! There's some fabulous places around here to by fabric and yarn.

  17. This post had me laughing aloud this morning. But what a surprise to come here and find my weblog featured. Thank you so much! :-) Your is looking amazing, by the way. Just amazing. So many interesting features. And such generosity of sharing.

  18. I am just in disbelief. It feels surreal that this crap is actually marketed. I do get the humor...the pole dancer is hilarious. ALL kids get a chance at imaginative play and imitation then!
    I lead a sheltered life, I really do.

  19. Oh my hat... that is too funny. Cant even pick a fav... maybe pee and poo! Or perhaps the 'learning NOT to count'! Had such a laugh... thanks.
    Wow... there have been some HUGE changes here... you go girl!
    Blessings and magic.

  20. Very, VERY SCARY!! My goodness...who hired these people to come up with these ideas. Then again, who hired the people who approved it-augh-lol!!

  21. Okay I wouldn't BUY the pee and poo stuffies but I would maybe make them! Nothing like staying in tune with one's body right? Perhaps you could crochet them!



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