Tuesday, October 27

Mama Records #3

Two days after turning 17 months, you counted to two. You've been saying and understanding two for a few months now.

That same day, you said your first 3-syllable word - budder became budder-fy (butterfly).

You took my breath away when I handed you your bottle and you said, fankyoo mama and walked off!
You now seem to say it when you return the bottle to me. Too sweet!

One night you looked out the window and said eyow moon. (hello moon) My nature child.

Your molars are killing us both! They are taking the longest time and one night you spent most of it restless and the morning screaming and cying. Horrible. All my exhaustion melted away when I saw you wake with a smile.

first drawings, 6th Oct

You understand things going round and enjoy saying round and round while making a rounding gesture with your arm. You have taken this understanding to round objects, as you point out wheels, pendants, play discs, etc, and say round round, so mama is telling you about circles.

At my insistence, you've been on a 2 or 3 20min walks with tata. But on my birthday, you went for a walk for just under 2hrs! This was a big deal for us all. It helped mama be a better parent when you returned. I really could do with this being a regular thing, rather than for birthday gifts.

I bought you a chalkboard and chalk for your first drawing. You gave it a go, but weren't impressed. A week later I bought you one of those cheap magnetic sketchy things and you love it. I think it's the precision of it - you're a detail gal.

You're into frogs at the moment. You look forward to the frog segment on Planet Earth. Mama had planned to crochet you a frog but we spotted a mama & baby frog soft toy and couldn't resist. You hugged them and wouldn't give them up at the cashier. We're exploring frogs with you.


  1. It's lovely to hear how she is growing up. She is obviously doing really well with her speech. Fankyoo mama is just so cute.

  2. :) it all happens so quickly, doesn't it? it's a very special thing to witness, the growth and development of a baby animal.

    i really enjoy these posts. they remind me of my own childrens' milestones.

  3. wonderful documentation of her growth, interests and changes
    thank you for sharing...:)

  4. I love these posts. She is such a darling.

  5. Aww! Love these posts. :)

  6. so sweet...and from the looks of it, it is still warm there! i love toddler language, so cute and such a miraculous process...

  7. Thank you for sharing:) I have a 17mo also, a son, Everest. We have all been sick, I felt so horrible when I woke up this morning. Everest, with his snotty face, just looks up at me and smiles with joy 'hewo, hewo' (hello) he says to greet me in the morning! The he put his rain boots on all by himself, he was so proud of himself, he did a little dance! Cuteness can be healing and he made my day better:)


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