Wednesday, October 28

Crochet: hat and WIPs

I made a sun hat for the girl-child. Not that happy with it. Just looks a bit too Farmer Jane for my liking. No offense to any farmers or Janes.


Anyway, I spruced it up with leaves and flower appliques (is that what you call them?)

It was this very easy pattern over here. I modified it a tiny bit for the size and fitting, and I added a picot edging.


The yummy yarn I was waiting for arrived. Lovely colour. Am a 1/4 through a cardigan for her.

And I'm doing some great meditative crochet too...

For my other projects take a look over here.


  1. it's beautiful. I love the colours. And I love those amazing enormous eyes.

  2. All so lovely! I have been feeling the urge to crochet again lately (yes, that darn jumper is still sitting 95% finished in my stash of projects- far to ambitious for a first project. You definitely took a better route!).

  3. Lovely to see you Carin. How about a hat, it's the season for it. I LOVE hats.

  4. So do I. At the mo though it's all about the bags here. Have a few in mind.


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