Tuesday, September 29

writing the book within

As you know, I started writing again. I created a private (just for me) blog for this purpose. I had brought out a small pile of notebooks and pens and was struggling to jot things down.
I soon realised that computer time had made typing more natural. It allows the Flow to reach its potential. I feel nostalgic about my notebooks, but it would be silly to allow that feeling to become an obstacle.

Anyway, so I'm vaguely working on a novel. But as some of you know, I have progressed to a place where the process, the writing, is the joy. What comes afterwards is, well, afterwards. Published, not published, brilliant, mediocre, even finished or not - right now it's irrelvant. I just write.

I have also been thinking about my own personal strengths in writing, and I think some of my insight into this was sparked off by a lovely thought shared by a commentor to a post on writing.  That the writing on this blog has value. (and by others who enjoy specific ideas I talk about here)

Yes, thank you. I needed to hear that. Of course it has value. Even if it's just read by 20 people, even if its just one person that finds worth in one of my many posts - that's worthwhile. Because that's partly what keeps me motivated. I want to write, to explore, and to be of help.
I write because I must, but I'm inspired by the parallel stories of readers, and motivated to continue ranting by just one reader saying - thanks Mon, I needed to hear that.

This has also been especially good for my personal journey, because in healing my Shadow, I needed to come here, write, and not seek to make each post perfect. Not in grammer, not in style....
I have a thought, I write it out, I re-read and sometimes find a message I'm sharing and seek to make that clear enough. But leave it there. To hear that it has value within imperfection, is healing.

Hesiod Listening to the Inspiration of the Muse 
by Edmond-Francois Aman-Jean. (for sarah)

And so back to my strengths. Although creative fiction is a joy, I realised a while back and am remembering again, that non-fiction is more natural to me. For those interested, my Mercury is in Virgo (communication - precision, clarity, logic, order, integrity, weaving together details for bigger picture).

Also, I'm seeing the non-fiction pull in the book I feel wants writing.

I have this idea that writers write books (when writing from the soul) because that book wants writing. Whether you believe it's Out There, or, like, me, within you... it's there waiting for you to give it form.

And in opening myself up to non-fiction, I'm sensing that book more and more. I feel its presence, like the name you try to recall that plays tantalisingly on the tip of your tongue. Just....out....of....reach.

I sense it most acutely at certain times. One of these is when I spot a title that interests me, and then, even if I like the sound of it and may even buy it, I deflat just the tiniest bit inside. Disappointed that it isn't THE book.

Birth of Inspiration 
by Alejandro Flores

Now I realise, it's the Call. That feeling is my book calling me. Stop looking elsewhere, it says, write me.

But what is this book? What can I have to say that hasn't been said before? Or by 'experts'?

How do I discover it? Uncover it? Unearth it?
Just write thoughts out? Dig them out with my bare fingers? Sometimes uncovering stones, other times a gem or two? Eventually connecting the dots?

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  1. YES!! YES!! and YES!! again....

    Loved this...

    I, too, write more 'flowingly' at the keyboard..but I have returned to Ye Olde Notebook for the rambling and practice..the warm-up for the big event, as it were...

  2. How exciting! Enjoy the journey of writing Mon... get all there is to get out of it. And most of all be happy. xx

  3. I, too work well on the keyboard. Happy Writing!

  4. beautifully written Mon, I for one think that you have a wonderful way with words. I love reading your blog, you have a way of expressing that creates a connection..
    and I shall look forward to one day reading your book from within :)

  5. You do have a way with words. It amazes me that you can speak your mind, not worrying about what others think or that you might possibly offend (as I always worry about after being admonished a number of times), and yet your words are always so gentle and never offensive. You have a gift.

    I'm curious what topic you are writing about. Don't worry if you think it's already been said before, because it hasn't--not from your perspective. And you have a very unique perspective on things. There can be a hundred books on one topic, and some author will come out with his or her version to add to the hundred, and it will still be inspiring--maybe even more so than the others. Or maybe so for certain individuals. But of course you are writing for yourself, as you said the end result is irrelevant.

    I have a blog for my writing, too. It's mostly just been sitting there for the past two years. But you inspired me to go back to it. I actually wrote something for this book (or series) that has been floating around in my head for years. I don't know how far I'll get at this point, but at least I've started.

  6. Good luck with your writing. I hope to see your name on a book in the near future.

  7. How wonderful! I wish you not luck but wisdom. And courage. And persistence. As for finding the book that is calling out to be written - I can only tell you that for me it involves a lot of ravelling, and unravelling. Just writing the words round and round until I'm in an almost meditative state and then I find I can hear more clearly. Whatever you write, I would love to read it - but as you said, this blog is a beautiful written offering as it is. A book with more of what you say here would be just perfect!

  8. I love what you said about the book being 'out there'. This is how I feel about every kind of creation or new idea, and it's like we are each these unique prisms, composed of our unique perspectives and gifts, that can 'pull through' a certain creation from the ether. Birth it, which is a 'pulling through' from the ether to the physical, I think. We're each these doorways to do this. And I'm with Lisa above, it's not about the new idea, it's the way it's told, and who it touches and reaches that it might not have before because of that unique perspective - whether that's 1 person or 1 million. I really don't know why I'm pulled to the bloggers and writers that I am, sometimes it doesn't make sense rationally. There is just a resonance.
    I had not thought of having a private blog for writing, that is such a great idea. I think I need a private comments section for myself too - I think sometimes I write better in comments than in posts! Freed up somehow...

  9. just write. and write and write and write. just like you mentioned with your blog writing, your insight will surface and flow out.

  10. How much do I love this post, and am excited by it? Yes, yes, YES! It isn't about the getting published, (although many would disagree), and writers can fall into the trap of writing in a way that is focused on that outcome, rather than letting the book come through them and be what it needs to be. In recognising and honouring the inherent value of it, there is a letting go of ego, and the story has breathing space. It can become what it needs to be, and like a river, it can be shaped and channelled by the nature of our own strengths.

    I was a bit stunned when I read this, because I feel I am at a very similar point to where you are - in that my book is calling me, and demanding to be written. And I feel as though I am in free fall because I've tried to do anything but write. I even wrote a PhD to keep all this at bay.

  11. what a gift you have given me by your post... in more than one way! :) in some ways i'm somewhat speechless...i imagine i have to process...i love the part where you talked about the book wants writing...from that perspective it will manifest and you will have clarity as the words come out of you-and you will simply know...again, try to find the book wild mind and have you ever read SARK? i think some of her work and potentially her art might resonate with you... i am grateful for you this day... hugs, laurie

  12. So nice to read another woman sharing a similar journey at a similar time...my writing is now surging towards the surface and I am ready to be taken for the ride...thanks for sharing, great to know you are there.

  13. I like your perspective. You have a gift for the written word. Keep writing.

  14. You have a gift and you seem to have cultivated it through your beautiful blog writing.

    I mentioned that I planned to look back at your previous posts to get the gist of what you have been going through...but I got lost. Lost in posts that sounded so much like the thoughts I have written that it kind of spooked me. I looked for my writings, but think they must have been some that I let go of in pregnancy. Anyway, I think this kind of "spooking" is a good thing. So many of us relate to what you are saying, of course, yet your way of writing has a way of exposing us, and edging us towards those crucial junctions of facing truths and choosing....
    Best of luck with your endeavors, but know that your blog reaches readers like me who currently feel their lives are too busy for a book, but can make time for a little blog life!

  15. Thanks for the groovy support!
    And welcome to the new 'faces'. :)

    I think you're all right - that it's the same process, just WRITE.

    cypress sun - yes, one of my life roles is facilitator. And this 'spookness' is something I trigger a lot, lol. But it also simply shows us how connected we all are, how similar stories are lived all the time, how we're never alone.

  16. you are a good thinker and write very good.

  17. I love the way that you express yourself and release.

  18. So appreciate this post. It seems to have found me at the needed time. I have just fallen into the 'nobody will be interested' and 'this is nothing new' trap about the book I want to write. The idea that the feeling in me is the book calling me has inspired me to get back to creating. Thank you. Really enjoying your blog. Peace, Nicki.


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