Saturday, September 5

the week that was

It's been all about the weather and the crochet this week. And plenty of teething cries and screams.

It's not the scent of Autumn in the air as yet, but it's the sense of Summer slipping away. How good it's felt to be outside for longer hours, not melting. And the breezes! Oh, how can I describe to you how I need the wind?

I completed my trail-run newsboy cap, and I luuuurve it. I can't wait for the ordered yarn to arrive (something yummy in touch and colour) to make the final version. details & more pics on other blog

And for fun, my little familiar reads with me. details & more pics on other blog

And, I'm putting the final touches on a little amigurumi owl.

I finished an enjoyable read, The Tenderness of Wolves, and am already stuck into the next novel.

I dug out my bellydancing DVDs.... ooooooh, joints are stiff, my swivels and shimmies are rusty. Wildflower finds it all baffling and amusing in turns.

Things are much better 'round these parts too, makes for, well.... tentative smiles.

Also blogging at Crooked Hooks & chewing on a leaf


  1. Awesome hat!
    I remember when you were first starting out. Isn't is so satisfying to turn out creation like this?

  2. Seriously, super cute newsboy cap!

    Lisa :)

  3. It is a great hat!
    I'm with you about the wind... seems to me that it has the power to carry the yucks away, and bring in the fresh and clean.

  4. I just luurrvve the hat.

    We haven't really had much of a summer, so I haven't noticed a difference over here. Saying that, the farmers are burning the fields and I always associate that with autumn.

  5. Teething screams and tentative smiles. Sounds like the deep song of a woman's life.

    Btw, I said it before, but it is worth saying again: love the hat!

  6. Love the cap. Suits you so much. You are clever!

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