Sunday, September 6

want to start a book club?

Last month I watched The Jane Austen Book Club - mild fun especially enjoyable for Austen fans. And recently, I came across two book blogs that mentioned online book clubs... but they seem to centre on books that are really not my thing (urban fantasy, YA).

Then the idea occured to me, several blogger buddies have either commented on my book reviews here or at the new blog, or wrote their own book reviews in response, or sometimes I think that S0-and-So might like x book and I would enjoy hearing their thoughts on it, and so on.

And I wondered, would there be enough of us (5 and up?) interested in an online book club? Do we have the time (ALWAYS time for reading!!). Do we share enough of a similarity in preferences? Can we afford to purchase one book a month (who needs socks anyway?).

There are countless ways to approach this. I was thinking one book a month. Seems plenty of time to work through one.
As for choice of books, we could choose one each, or have a theme..... ??
Discussion needn't be intense at all... more about reading something new (or re-reading an oldie), having fun, feeling part of a group of book lovers... you know.

What do you think?

EDIT: pondering all night on it... here's what I've come up with.

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  2. A book club would be fun. I can't commit to it right now but I'll def stay tuned. :)


  3. I love the idea of a book club. I'm in!

  4. Me too, I'd love to join you (once I've finished the Booker Shortlist, ha ha!).

  5. I love this idea. Perhaps a theme rather than a particular book might be easier, and then it would be fun to contrast and compare. But all discussing the same book would also be great. You decide!

  6. count me in for the book're right, there's always enough time for reading....:)

  7. What a great idea! Could it be a 'join in for this month if you want to' one? Because I couldn't commit to doing one per month every month at the moment :)

  8. I think a great idea and maybe you should choose the title as keeps things simple. Maybe have a few criteria to respond to once read. Count me in!

  9. oooh yes please , count me in xx

  10. OOOOOOOOh, me, me! Count me IN!!!! yaay! THank you! Shine on!

  11. YEAH! Count me in, as well.

    Although with the moving, it may be October, or November before I can stop running around with my hair on fire. haha!

    I am looking forward to it! Awesome idea, Mon!!

  12. I just found you and am taking a deep breath. It is so nice to read blog posts from someone so like-minded. You can count me as someone who will be checking back soon. I think I'll be joining the book of the month club, too.


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