Wednesday, September 30

Thankful Anyway Thursday

It's easy to be thankful for the good stuff, can you be thankful for the not so good?
(as serious or light-hearted as you like)
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Our finances are pretty bleak.

Means giving up several ideas and hopes. Means rethinking any plans. Means a longer wait, again, on the house build completion.

friends, food, happy children

I am thankful anyway because...........

... it's a refocusing on what really matters
... it shakes up our creative thinking
... it reminds us to value what we have

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  1. The richnesses of the heart. But still it's nice to have cash too! Can you burn a green candle?

  2. Sometimes it's coming to that place of bleakness that helps us see clearly what's around us -- without the clutter to cloud our thinking.

    Reading "Wabi Sabi Simple" right now...Richard..something (it's upstairs and I"m too lazy to get off me arse)...just started it but it sounds like something you might like...*grin*

    Yes, I am your enabler and you are mine...

  3. Happy children says it all. Look at that smile on the birthday boy! (I presume it's his birthday). And those children surrounded by love. The cash will come. Your children are gold.

  4. I agree with Wendy...I was totally distracted by your photo of celebration...what a wonderful family...
    the cash will come... I know people today say, 'just put it out there, and it will happen'-has now become cliche -yet i've seen it happen time and time i'm sure it will happen for you too!
    I agree with you that the money issue helps you to refocus on what is important and be thankful for what you you perspective.
    funny, when i was feeling like that once, i said to my husband that i would live in a trailer to be closer to his work and so we wouldn't have to worry about money as much... several months later, an idea to sell everything and buy a trailer and travel north america for a year came up at an unschooling conference, manifested and happened! we purged our crap and that's what we did. it rocked. you never know where life's greatest gifts will come from...or when...patience and trust...hugs to u!

  5. Thanks for the support. Fortunately for us, money isn't a priority, but an income to feed ourselves is! lol Which is where we are at the moment... looking to secure that.

    Ah, wabi sabi - yes, with a touch more yarn, strewn cushions, and piles of books. ;)

  6. Lack of money is an arse only insofar as it limits what you can do, for us - like you, it's not a big priority provided we've got enough to pay the bills and buy some food. But when that gets a bit tight... we do worry. That said, we've opted for this lifestyle because we didn't want to use nurseries at the moment, so it's easily worth it.

    Hope things improve; lottery ticket, anyone? ;)

  7. Money - what a pain in the rear and a lack of it does really bugger things up - but only temporarily. That said, if you were working you would not able to spend time on writing your book which will I am sure bring you security. I know when the fear takes hold though it brings sleepless nights, I think the uncertainty is what creates unrest. A bright light is shining though... I earn by writing for other people I sometimes earn well, sometimes not. Why not check out this can at least put food on the table without leaving home. I too left the UK with big dreams, the secret is to keep on having them!

  8. I did my post. It had been a while.

    It's a shame, isn't it, that money, or lack thereof, can have so much power over what we are able to do with our lives? Or how safe we feel?

    I was in a very bad financial situation several years ago...I felt so lost and trapped. I hope it's not that bad for you.


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