Thursday, September 10

Thankful Anyway Thursday

It's easy to be thankful for the good stuff, can you be thankful for the not so good?
(as serious or light-hearted as you like)
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Nice and light this week.
The Summers here are scorching experiences of 35C and up, and hovering around 39C throughout August.

This Autumn girl melts.... and baby suffered from prickly heat. We spent the entire Summer indoors between the hours of 9am till 7pm.

Great fun.

Finally, we have dramatically dropped down to 27C! Do we sing, dance, make general merriment? Yes, to some extent.... except, we still didn't get to go out as we got gale-force winds in exchange. groan whinge whine roll-the-eyes-dramatically
The girl-child was almost blown over and I was almost hit on the head by tree debris and my dress did things obscene.

painting: Steve Averill

I am thankful anyway because...........

... prickly heat is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!
... it's 27C rather than a temp suitable only for roasting meat.
... air-con is finally off! woohoo
... me luuuurves the winds.
... it's just a matter of days before we can have a whole month or two of outdoor time.

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  1. 27...a girl can dream. It was 27 for two days here this summer. The rest of the time, maybe 20. I am only slightly exagerrating. Love the bit about "temps suitable for roasting meat"...bahahahahahhaha. I still miss summer in Montenegro :-(

  2. We now have a mini heatwave here in England. As soon as the kids went back to school, the sun came out.

  3. The cooler temps are wonderful. We don't quite get that hot here, but anything over 30C is hot for me.

  4. The weather has finally cooled down here too. We had a couple of days of strong winds that blew layer after layer of dust into the house, but like you I am thankful anyway. Very thankful.

  5. I can't imagine what prickly heat must be like for a child...I can hardly tolerant the heat as it is...yea for the cooler weather. We actually had some frost on our roof this morning.

  6. Ugh..I'm SO thankful for the onset of cooler temps. I realize that I simply don't handle the heat well in my old age...

    ...the autumn, Savannah and I have decided after great and lengthy discussions, is the BEST season for doing outside things...

  7. always love these posts. we got a burst of heat this week, but should go down again soon. was very windy on our last Utah trip, and the kids don't like it because sand blows in their eyes, but I am willing to put up with that. love the wind, too.


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