Friday, September 4

spider bookmark

This was quick and fun to make. I love reading and love bookmarks. I'm looking through lots of patterns to make a whole bunch of different bookmarks. Many are too fiddly for my tastes, but perhaps as I become more experienced...

Say hello to the little familiar.

I was confused with the pattern instructions for the head portion, so I just winged it. The web could do with an ironing to flatten it out.


  1. Really cute, would make great stocking-fillers.

  2. If you block it, it will flatten too - although blocking is a bit more work than a simple iron lol.. but very very handy if you ever decide to have a go at larger items and want a professional finish.
    Wet the crocheted item then lay out flat on a towel that is on a board and pin.

  3. Thanks Joxy,yes,that would give a better look, and some practice, as I haven't done any blocking yet.

  4. That is completely adorable! If I was a few decades younger I would be clapping my hands delightedly at the look of it. Will you consider setting up a shop and selling such things?

  5. I would love to sarah, but there seems to be so many people doing the same or similar things.

  6. I just love this bookmark. So right for this time of year.


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