Friday, September 25

Mama Records #2

Silly Sally arrived and you asked for it, Sa-ee, every day for a week. (my review here) Along with The Very Busy Spider, which you call pida. You named each animal on your own. Mami enjoys reading these two.
You're also now enjoying Maisy dvds.

You almost said a 4-word sentence - man... kick de ball, while flicking through your dad's football magazine, and then again when you spotted football on TV.

You still love to try on shoes, since your baba was here, and will put on mine, or ask for yours - shoo on.
You're also enjoying a book I had on Jack Russells, so many pups to look at!

You like pasta, and this month went from saying pata to pasta, but dislike mashed potato. argh

We took our first bath together and you were very pleased with this in your own understated way. You said, mama baht throughout the day.

It was so hot for a few days, after mami thought it had started to drop. We are both becoming a little stir crazy and I don't know what to do with you a lot of the time now. Mami isn't a big floor-time mama, and over several hours....well *shrug* But she reads to you as much as you like, and we sweep together and generally potter around the apartment.
You clap your hands and say mozi (mozzie - mosquito) mimicking how we catch them.

Mama made you this little baby owl, which you patiently waited for me to finish as I was distracted with other projects and reading. details at Crooked Hooks

You love watching Planet Earth for the last few months, and will ask for it with anmals (animals). This last couple of months you ask for it every day. You know when each new animal is coming up and will come to me for security when the fire starts saying,
Your favourites are the eegl (eagle), goose, mouse (which is actually some sort of desert rodent) and the sheep (caribou?). You also say woof (wolf) and enti (elephant).

You enjoy kicking your beach ball and have a great left foot on you. You're still quite clumsy, running with abandon, and exclaim opah! when you fall. You hit your head so many times we lost count, and at one point you had 3 bruises on your forehead.

We started going for our first walks with you on foot. This was our first one, along the water at Savina, and the winds almost blew you down. You loved every minute of it my little wind child.

Your fave word by the end of your month was empatee (empty). You understand the concept and like to point out empty containers and plates.

Also blogging at Crooked Hooks & chewing on a leaf


  1. I love these posts...

    A rueful smile over not being a big on-the-floor too....*sigh*...we do what we can...


  2. A post to treasure...

    I miss the little forming words that Dylan used to say. I have a jar with little slits of colorful construction paper that I've been writing on for years. Every time Dylan says something that cracks me up, I put it in the jar. Makes for great reading on days I'm feeling blue!

    A beautiful little girl, she is!!

  3. lovely post, looked forward to it, the way they say things , you never want them to learn the right way x

  4. So sweet. I love getting to see pictures of your little one.

    I was just working on my monthly update for my little guy, but won't be posting it for a week or so. I wish I had been doing mine the way you are--like a note to your child. It's so sweet. Maybe when I do his baby book.

  5. When she is older, she will love to look back at these posts. She'll have to smile to see how adorable she is!

  6. lovely, thank you for sharing...makes me remember this age, which seems so long ago, but was actually only 18 months ago! makes me realize how fast it goes...

  7. Before I had a child, I heard Madonna say she was "not a playing mummy" and I was horrified. Until I discovered I was not a playing mummy too. I am everything else, or try to be (and there is a lot of everything else to be when one is a single mother, lol!) but free playtime drives me nuts.

    I love her darling hair. And her words. She is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing these posts.

  8. This is too adorable, Mon. I can just see you two in 20 years time, reading through these Mama-Records together. She will see your love so clearly as we do.
    blessings and magic.

  9. what a beautiful babe. these posts are so sweet. thanks for sharing.

  10. I hope you save these so she can read them when she's older and realize how much her mama loves her.

  11. Thanks everyone. It's so amazing how much occurs. I know I still miss the odd thing or two.

    Cam, I love the jar idea!


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