Sunday, September 27

Curling crochet bottoms & Chainless foundations

Here's what I've learnt over the last few days as I work on my girl's cardigan.

When you have done a row or two after your chain, and you lay it down flat as possible (chain at bottom), and it curls upward...

.... your chain is too loose in comparison to your rows.

  • Choose a smaller hook for you chain (I find this makes the next row difficult to stitch)
  • Make a tighter chain.
  • Make a chainless foundation.

If your work curls downwards, your chain is too tight.

  • Choose a larger hook just for the chain.
  • Make a looser chain (easy option)
  • Make a chainless foundation.
The most compehensive tutorial for chainless foundation (but can become a bit info-overload) is over here at futuregirl's great blog. There's a video at the bottom there as well.

A useful video over here.

The chainless foundation looks fab, and as a non-chain lover, this could be the way of my crochet future. But it's a whole different technique and I'm finding that it requires its own practice.


  1. Ahh the chainless foundation :)

    You're speeding along with the technqiues - mind that's what I love about crochet so much, it doesn't take long to advance.

    Another solution to curling if one is far along and doesn't want to rip out and start again is to decrease stitches in the middle of the row.. although decrease over many rows - if done on just one row it can create almost a pleat in the work.



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