Wednesday, September 2

crochet newsboy cap


I love this hat and I so enjoyed making it. This is my trial run. I've ordered nicer (better quality and preferrable colour) to the cheap acrylic I used here.

I made just one mistake (that I spotted) but it makes no difference. I also noticed that after the front post crochet stitch the next dc was a little loose leaving a wider gap than I would prefer, so this is something I can remedy. You can't really tell but I would like to have that nicer workmanship.

The pattern (Ravelry - Swirls Cap by Sophia Kessinger) is the best I have ever seen. Wonderfully detailed and useful images. However, as a fairly newbie crocheter, it was a nightmare working out the stitches that create the swirl effect. But once I had, and then got into the flow, it's actually quite straight-forward.

The acrylic is stiff enough that it created a firm brim, so I didn't need the plastic insert. Besides, it's a trial run.

I think I ought to class myself as intermediate now.

Sorry about the poor quality photos - in hindsight, cleaning the mirror might have helped a little. oops...

Fellow WIPsters.


  1. Definitely intermediate, that aint no beginner's hat Mon! It looks fab, I've got a similar shop-bought one in black but handmade, ooooh super!

  2. That is so good Mon! And yeah, definitely intermediate!

  3. Oh I just love this! Fabulous hat!

    It will be fun choosing yarn for the next one - and definitely worth splashing out on. Having said that, the acrylic one is bloody gorgeous.

  4. I love that hat. I wish I knew how to knit or crochet.

  5. Wow...I think I'm going to have to learn how to crochet because I am in love with this hat!!

  6. Wondreful! I try to download the pattern but my antivirus dont let me , since it says the site has malware. be careful :P

  7. Where does one get the pattern?

    1. the person got rid of it online i'm afraid.


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