Saturday, September 26

catching up...

It's been so chaotic in that stress-under-the-breath sort of way and then the internet packed up on me for almost 24hrs (missing limb anyone?) and so I missed Thankful Thursday (but others did not) (and take a look at Alexis' new Blogger blog, I enjoyed helping her with it) ..... and, and ,and...

I feel the need to touch base with you all, to share the daily life stuff.

So most of you know that my life has taken some biggie twists and turns lately. You know how you're on one course and suddenly a new-old path appears and you find you're on it before you have had time to check your map?

That's been me.

And it's good......... slow, steady, cautious, honest, but moving forward.

Then there's our finances which have been not so good for several months now. Not exactly bad, just uncertain. Which is not exactly good either is it? On Saturday we find out some news which will make everything oh so much better.

I'm crocheting inbetween mothering and reading and blogging. I made a beret and a baby owl.

I'm now being brave and going for a child's cardigan. My first piecing together work, and will be my first blocking too. I actually frogged what you see below and restarted after I saw two mistakes and that it was coming out smaller than the Wildflower will need. d'oh

What else? The Wildflowe's teething is nuts and I've not been able to write at all for about 4-5 days. But that's mama creativity, right? Go with the flow. My mind still ticks over with ideas, and I'm re-entering the world of the Writer.

How do I know? Because everything - life, thoughts, something someone says, a fleeting image - becomes a writing possibility. Like when a photographer sees a view. They see a view and a photo. Without conscious effort.

I used to wonder whether thinking in blog posts was something to be concerned about. Now I realise it was the semi-dormant writer in me, the communicator in me. As long as I saw BOTH - life and blog posts, all is as it should be.

Book Club Mamas

My October and November reads arrived today. So many wonderful leaves to chew. I'm attempting to read everything in each month's list. Or at least 2 titles. I'm currently reading the title for next April! I friend lent it to me. I'll write the review so it stays fresh in my mind but won't post it until then.

We've booked flights to UK for a 3 week visit. Charity shops (thrift stores), bookstores, my fave incense shop, oh, and family, here we come!

I acknowledged the change in seasons, the crawl into the Autumnal whispers, quietly, with wind talks and cinnamon tea.

Also blogging at Crooked Hooks & chewing on a leaf


  1. Thank you for pointing out that thinking in blog posts qualifies as the musings of a writer -- I don't know why I thought it was something different. I find myself flowing back to that place of 'everything is a story' as well....amazing what happens when you stop fighting and just drift with the current..;)

    Just finished The Tenderness of Wolves...*sigh* I shall have to read the other one on the list hoo ;)

  2. i hear you on the -new-old path...very interesting
    also, what you said about writing and photography resonates with me

    keep writing rock...what you share and express is a gift!

  3. Wow, such happy energy coming through this, wonderful to feel. Alexis blog looks great - maybe a side business for you;-)? I know what you mean about everything being food for writing, that has been happening for me too, and not sure what to do with it sometimes does concern me - that I am 'one-step removed' from everything - but I like your take better, as a sign creativity is flowing naturally. I got Tenderness of Wolves from the library and hope to take part, but haven't started it yet, we'll see how it goes!

  4. "I used to wonder whether thinking in blog posts was something to be concerned about." LOL I can relate to that one! Combine it with seeing the world in photographs...sometimes I've wondered if I am missing out on just enjoying life in a simple, as-is way. But the writing...I have to get on my real, creative writing, too. It'd be nice to have thoughts coming to me for my creative writing instead of just my blog.

  5. I love when everything in life becomes a writing opportunity; it's during these brillant times that I realize I'm enjoying living instead of just living while trying to catch my breath. I hope you have a fun visit to the UK.

  6. Lots going on then hey? A trip to the UK sounds like loads of fun...wish I could come a-thrifting with you. The thrift stores there are brilliant.

    It feels good to embrace the writing dunnit? To dive into that space. It's actually an ecstatic space - I have to take care not to feel ungrounded.

    With the blog writing - I've found that the exercise keeps everything oiled, and mine is more of a mind dump than crafted writing, but however it comes out and about, I think it just helps with the flow, which connects to all the other Writings. hehe.

    Oh - and I'm currently reading The Tenderness of Wolves for BMC.


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