Sunday, September 27

Book Club

How fun! There is already good interest in the Club and a handful of members have mentioned they have bought/borrowed the first titles, just finished reading them, and I received one review!

I'm hoping this is enthusiasm and not that I've failed to make clear that you read those books in THAT month. So tenderness of Wolves is read in October and we discuss it in November. Right? Right!? blink

I read A Thousand Splendid Suns in a few days, (no crocheting.... or much else) but will wait to review it. It's our April 2010 pick! But a friend had it so I took the opportunity.

I'm starting Love in the Time of Cholera today. Really interested in this one. I've never read any Gabriel Garcia Marquez and have gone back and forth with his titles, as to whether to try them or not.

That's something I enjoy about book clubs, you're given the motivation to read something you may never had. Whether you enjoy it or not, you tried it.

So, where are you? Have you in possession the next title/s? Started reading? Finshed!?

And does anyone have any further suggestions for those months where we have just the one title? I'm surprised not to have had any for the mothers and daughters theme.


  1. Dearest Mon -- there is simply nothing more cruel than having a great big list of books and then being told NOT to read them yet.....besides, I wouldn't want to fall behind...;)

    I have, however, restrained myself from going into November's selections and will, instead, work on reading all of October's...*grin*

    It's so true...I love that I'm picking up things I may not have ordinarily read -- not because I haven't wanted to, just that something else jumped the queue...

  2. lmao. It's not that you're not SUPPOSED to, just worried that people were confused about the timetable, and thinking we were to discuss and have reviews ready earlier too.
    Read them when you like! :D

  3. Hmmm...this got me thinking. I can't remember any mother/daughter themed books. I wish I had a better memory! I did a little rustling through favorite authors and did not come up with much. I did come across The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver (her first book). It looks like it could be interesting, if not a conventional mothering experience. I also came across a collection of mother/daughter folktales by Jane Yolen called Mirror, Mirror. While she and her daughter interpret the stories, what I really think has some potential, is their conversations. There have got to be some other great mother/daughter books, though!

  4. Thanks for clarifying. So I'm not behind, yahoo! I started Tenderness of Wolves this weekend. I read Love in the Time of Cholera long ago, maybe I will consider reading again now that I know I am on track with Tenderness.
    One option for mothers/daughters is The Heretic's Daughter by Kathleen Kent. I am trying to think of others, seems like there should be hundreds but my mind is blank...

  5. I've also started The Tenderness of Wolves. I know how long it can take me to finish a book these days so I need to get a head start. I started A Thousand Splendid Suns months ago but it has dropped to the bottom of the pile as my Amazon addiction returned ;)
    I'm really looking forward to having a deadline, I get nowhere without them!

  6. Was just going through my bookshelf, and another possibility for mothers/daughters came up, Hannah's Daughters by Marianne Fredriksson...I read it long ago and so don't remember it so well, but liked it at the time...

  7. For some reason, I'm late in noticing this...but (if it's relevant) some suggestions for the mothers and daughters theme are: Zel, and Mirror Mirror: Forty Folk Tales for Mothers and Daughters (both these are more adult oriented than they sound), White Oleander, and Uness.


  8. oh and thought of another possibility for the mothers and daughters category, and that is Travelling with Pomegranates by Sue Monk Kidd who wrote The Secret Life of Bees.
    I'll shut up now. Promise.


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