Monday, August 10

slouchy puffy hat

I completed the slouchy hat for my 17-yr-old niece but it turned out much too small. It fitted the girl-child perfectly though.

So I made another one.... and it fits her perfectly and she loves it.

I'll be making another one still, for myself. Love the look.

I used this pattern, with DK acrylic yarn from my stash. I used a I/5.5cm hook. I had to add two extra rows after row 5 to get the larger hat.

I used the puff stitch for the first time. The trick with this one is to make it very loose, especially with non-stretchy yarn, otherwise it's a pain to work.
I also love the very simple finish edging. Will work with many patterns/designs.

Fellow WIPsters.


  1. I wish you could make one for me, too! I think that's the hat I've been looking for! (In different colors, though)

  2. These are so cute! I'm actually teaching myself to knit this week - wonky scarves in my future!

  3. so cute - it looks so adorable on your daughter. You couldn't have planned a better fit! :) It really suits your niece too - lovely vibrant colours.


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