Wednesday, February 10

Silly Sally

Suggested age: 2-3yrs
my 16 month-old loves it

I bought the small board book and it's smaller than most. But it fits very well into the hands of the little ones.

Silly Sally is on her way to (what appears to be a rather medieval) town and she's getting there upside down. On the way she meets various animals, which are always an easy hit with my girl. She includes their own silly activities, such as singing or leapfrogging along, with being upside down. The animals join her to town.

Buying from Amazon, I was sold by the story, the illustrations and the rhyme.

Silly Sally went to town,
walking backwards, upside down.

The Wildflower is always happy to read this one.

On the way she met a dog,
a silly dog,

they played leapfrog.

A second character is introduced, Neddy Buttercup, who tickles each animal, and then Sally, in turn. This can make for fun interaction between you and the child.

The pen and water colour illustrations are colourful and fun.

The Wildflower really enjoys this one and asks for it many times. I also think it's one I could read over and over without going nuts.


  1. Thanks for the tip. Will look it up. Around our house it's all about "Peepo" at the moment :)

  2. This book has been one of our "silly" favorites for awhile now. I think we all know the catchy phrases by heart :)

  3. Michael got some books as hand-me-downs, and he wants me to read all four of them over and over and I am so sick of them. We NEED something that is fun for ME to read!


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