Saturday, August 22

moon sign support (ii)

You might find the little introduction of help to see what I'm getting at.
Go to this site or this site to work out your moon sign.

Keywords - a quick idea of what makes up this moon placement.
Needs - what you need emotionally if you have that moon sign.
Provides - the type of emotional support you give to others.
Compatible - generally most emotionally compatible with these moon signs.

Cancer moon
Key words: sentimental, security, intimacy, family, dependent, sensitive, nurturing.
Needs: Peace, tenderness, and to feel needed. Quiet time to replenish and to remember self-needs. Time with supportive family members.

Provides: Sympathy and compassion. A friend for life. This is the friend you go to cry to and with. Tea and cake and gentle listening. The substitute mother. Not so good if you need action or to move past a weepy stage.

Compatible: Taurus, Virgo, Leo, Cancer.

Leo moon
Key words: independent, proud, creative, generous, strong, loving, dramatic.
Needs: To feel appreciated. To be a leader. To express generosity. They need to be in a position of authority and benevolence where others follow their wishes. They are tortured by being ignored or rebelled against.

Provides: A generous and open heart. This is the friend that gives you a warm and comfortable emotional landing pad. Great person if you need hugs, requests for help, and loyalty. Not so great if you are overwhelmed by your emotions and unable to listen, or if you need rational advice without melodrama.

Compatible: Libra, Sagittarius, Cancer, Leo, Aries.

Virgo moon
Key words: analytical, practical, distant, reserved, reliable, loyal, critical.
Needs: To feel useful and needed. They find security having the details sorted, and in sorting the details out themelves.

Provides: Practical solutions. This is the friend who will stand by you and take care of practical matters that may be overwhelming you. Also great at working rationally through complicated issues and giving advice. They will be most sympathetic if they see you are ready to help yourself. Not so great if you are still feeling vulnerable, need tenderness, or are unable to take constructive criticism.

Compatible: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Cancer, Libra.


  1. Love stuff like this. I am a Taurus moon and Sag Sun...thankfully the Taurus moon keeps me mellow (well, sometimes

  2. I hope you don't mind me saying that the site to which you linked for moon signs gave me an inaccurate result. I've had a thorough calculation done and have a very strong Cancer moon, but the site said I was Gemini. In any case, your notes here about Cancer moon are great and remind me to be thankful for my Capricorn sun which allows me to take action when I need to, instead of just curling up with a warm blanket!

  3. ooooh...interesting...will have to study that further....

    oh, left you something here...

  4. So true! for me anyway.

  5. Thanks sarah, I'll offer up another link, unless you have one that gives you an accurate result?

  6. Virgo moon: my bloke has this. So, so, SO true...heheh.
    Leo moon: my bro' has this aspect, and very true again - but without the melodrama. Possibly tempered by strong Taurean aspects.

    I'm enjoying these posts : )

  7. Well, I mentioned before that all three of my kids are Leo moons, and this certainly fits. I don't always realize how dramatic they are until we are around other kids, and someone else's child gets upset about something, and the parents will get very worked up and say 'oh, I just don't know what got into them, he/she has just been throwing awful fits lately!' and I'll be like 'huh? THAT was a fit? you haven't seen nuthin!'
    But of course there are positive sides to that dramatic side too - they already love to play out little scenes/skits together, and make up stories, and pretend like crazy. And the other traits are there too - especially independent, and generous. They are also very loyal to each other I have noticed - they can bug each other, but if a child they don't know bothers one of them on the playground, watch out! It really is like their own little lion pride. I am not quite sure what to make of it sometimes.
    This line really made me both smile and grimace, as it is so apt for my oldest right now, and worries me at times: "They are tortured by being ignored or rebelled against."
    Anyway, good stuff.

  8. Thanks for sharing with me how it applies in your lives.

    Lisa - it seems to me that 3 kids with the same Leo moon would be exactly like a little pride of cubs!
    The risk is that each one will want to stand out, be the centre of attention, amongst themselves and with the parents, so that could prove really tough.
    But the rewards are that they should be close because nobody will understand them as they understand each other.

    I'm going to write about mothering and signs at a later stage too.

  9. Think I'm a Cancer moon and Leo moon? Hope that helps me give you what you need... But when I get time (time? when? help!) I'll follow the link & see... X

  10. Your comment about each one of them wanting to be the center of attention is so apt - they all took swimming lessons together this summer and loved their teacher, but they were practically shouting over each other each class to tell her things. My husband and I are used to it, and I think at this point I actually can comprehend all of them when they talk at once, although we're trying to encourage listening to others right now, which is not their strong suit. But I'm a Leo rising, so I have my own issues in that department as well!

  11. (P.S. FYI your link to your book blog in your sidebar bio is going to Crooked Hooks right now)

  12. Apparently I'm an Aquarius Moon - mmm, some of it rings tru, some I'm not so sure. Interesting.


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