Monday, August 24

Mama Records #1

I'm going to attempt to record her doings monthly (by age). Although I post about what she's up to regularly, it's mostly the bigger stuff and I know I'm missing out lots of little but wonderful things. I think it'll be groovy for her to look back on. Feel free to skip this!

In July, your favourite book was Room on the Broom. You asked for it with, 'broom... broom'. That sounds very different to broom broom for car noises. And you like to say 'yes!' when it's time for the witch to say it. And you very much like the dragon saying roar every time.

You had your cousins from England over and you astounded them with your verbal skills. Saying so much for a 15 month old baby. You had a wonderful time with them, asking for them when you woke up.

During their two week stay, you showed us that you understood the concept of two (and say it). Although mami was in denial as she doesn't want to be one of those mamas that thinks her child is soooo smart.

You also started to speak in 3-word sentences. Hug de milk, gone de milk, gone de budder (butterfly), and now, a couple of weeks on, you say several more.

Your cousins bought you your very first children's DVD. Pingu and Angelina Ballerina. The latter is too mature for you, but you have fallen in love with Pingu. Mami is a little miffed that you ask for Pingu before your books, as you used to. hrmph However, Mami can't help but be grateful for the 30 minutes of time to do things without baby attached to legs/hip.

Last month your favourite book seems to be The Tiger Who Came to Tea. You've had it for a couple of months but only now are really into it. You ask for it - tee (tea), or, kita (tiger)

You had your first fairground ride. You didn't appear to like it much, but protested when we came off. It all reminded mami just how young you still are, despite understanding so much. You were too small for almost every game.

By the end of their stay, the 12th Aug, your first molars were pushing through. All four at once - ouch! You've been irritable and even more clingy. But otherwise you take pain very well, better than your ma.

When we are out and about, your first inclination is to point to birds, tree, cat, and pup, even in the town.

You now like to hug just about everything, while saying, huuuuug. Tomato plant, shoes, your own hand. Funny girl.
And you're learning to kiss. You often make the sound after you've removed your lips.

It's still so very hot here and you suffer with it, so we spend our days inside. We venture out in the evenings for a little stroll together.

You've now become 16 months old.


  1. Love this idea. So nice to hear she's doing so well. :)

  2. I concur...a lovely idea. time goes by so fast and I find myself struggling to remember these little details...I wish I had written them down. Even when she's not much older,she'll love hearing about this stuff...Savannah never tires of hearing about what she was like when she was a baby...


  3. this is entrancing.

    Your little one is a delight. And I know she will love to read these things when she is older, and so will you. You'll be amazed (horrified) at how much you forget - and how much you remember when you go back to read it.

    Room on the Broom was one of our favourites. I just asked my dd and she still remembers it!

  4. Pingu was a big hit for mine too. So great to have this record to look back on. I think it was Cam who suggested to me a box to put in little funny anecdotes that my children say and to pull out for a laugh, I thought it was a great idea as children can say the funniest one offs that are easily forgotten.

  5. You are very smart for writing this stuff down. I'm glad I do it with mine, but there is always so much to have to whittle it down to a few highlights. I love how you write in specifics about her favorite things. I need to do more of that. And you just gave me some book ideas.

  6. I really enjoyed this, great idea.

  7. We looove Room on the Broom. What great rhythm it has!

  8. This is so sweet. I do with Fidget too and it's such a great help.

  9. I do this for the toddler in his baby book, and I think his wife or kids might like to read it one day ... and if they don't, I will! She'll be happy to browse it, I'm sure.

  10. It is so exciting reading this stuff, knowing I have it all to come. She sounds like an absolute star.


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