Saturday, July 18

the week that was

Less than 20 hours sleep in an entire week. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh

But seeing the wee one so uncomfortable with the prickly heat is the most distressing. I use various natural remedies (her skin loves aloe vera), but it's all temporary. Keeping her cool is the best - prevention and all that. It's just that it builds in her system and in the middle of the night she starts scratching her head like a person in the throes of a hysterical madness. And there's nothing on her skin as such.

Temps have hit 36C and it's too much for us. For me, an Autumn girl, I just wither and wilt. For the Wildflower, well, see above. We have air-conitioning, but I dislike it's unnaturalness, making me feel disconnected from air.

My green-thumbed neighbour has gifted me with a few basil plants. Love this guy with organic tomatoes and feta cheese.

My toms are looking juicy too. Gifted by Den.

I made peach cobbler for the first time. Seemed like the thing to do with a bag of free peaches. Will share my next experiment shortly. After a taste, I gave the rest away to the neighbour.

The Wildflower has found her girlyness via shoos. Much encouraged by baba (grandma). She's already worn my heeled shoes in a week more than I have in 5 years.

An emotionally turbulent week. I'm not letting go of my strength.

I'm giving away books. LOTS of books. Breeeeathe with me, it'll be ok....... Seems the universe is throwing gifts at me, thought I'd throw back. More on that soon.


  1. You're giving away books?!?!?! *clasps hand to forehead, palpitations ensue, beads of cold sweat on brow* - oh you desperately strong woman...I simply can't IMAGINE!!! ;)

    Cutesy basil plants...the sodding squirrels unearthed mine one too many times...*sigh*

    Sorry to hear the wildflower suffers still...bring on the coolness of autmn...I too hate air conditioning and have refused it - I passed on a free window unit offered to us..I just hate that *canned* feeling too...

    Savannah's first word was 'shoes'...I swear, it's the truth...both kids especially enjoy trying out the vast collection at their great-grands...they pretty much exist in slippers and sneakers now but the closet is still full from the days of dancing and stepping out...;)

    I shall breathe with you my always..

    ~much Love~

  2. Hang in there...soon you will get more sleep and the temps will drop. Keep taking those deep breaths and be gentle to yourself...

  3. hoping that you get some sleep soon x sleep will heal xx

  4. Oh the heat! It is getting up to 30plus here today and we are planning on melting away. Too hot for us delicate Canadians lol, and too hot for me as I am an Autumn girl as well. We have no air conditioning so yes, the house heats up and is miserable.

    Your tomatoes look to be well on their way. You will be enjoying them very soon.

    And keep that strength close. xx

  5. 20 hours?!?! how in the world do you do it mon? i have the utmost respect for your resilience.

    so sorry to hear about the prickly heat. i'm sure you've googled home remedies out the wazoo. does she like to play in water? maybe a kiddie pool (with a plastic sheet underneath to protect from splashing if you have it indoors) would help. sounds so miserable. i'm surprised i don't hear about it more here. but then we rely on AC a lot too.


  6. Cute little girl in the big shoes! Michael tried to stick his foot into one of my big shoes yesterday!

    Your basil and tomatoes look great! We only have four tomatoes out of our two tomato plants. Hardly seems worth buying the plants. It's nice that yours were gifted to you.

  7. you are in a sweat lodge, letting all the impurities out.

    Wildflower sure is growing up! What a sweetie.

  8. Basil and tomatoes look wonderful! Hope you get some sleep too and little Wildflower gets some relief from that prickly heat. Sending cool, restful wishes to you:)

  9. Oh Mon!! What a tough time this is for you and less than 20 hours sleep, wow, and you even managed a post. My best best best thoughts and wishes and love go out to you and yes, this will pass but it's pretty hard in the meantime eh? You seem to cope so well and your strength is admirable. Take your time with the giving might just need to recieve it all at the moment esp. to get through all the sleep dep and all the extra energy and care you are giving to little one. Sorry if I'm being too ott, I just think sleep dep. is living hell in my experience. I hope Wildflower's discomfort eases really really soon. I can't really think of anything to help soothe, maybe pawpaw for her skin and cammomile as a homeopathic to help ease her agitation? I'm sure you know all the tricks.
    At least now you head into the waning part of the season on your way to autumn, as we build up to spring.
    I so know what you mean about the air con it's like artificial air to breathe and quite weird, I would rather breathe the real stuff too I think. Best best best to you and yes, breathing.

  10. So much to comment on, but less than 20 hrs sleep is the one that really did it for me. I'd be an absolute wreck. You must have such strength to hack it!

    Yep, it's all about the shoes....

  11. That's hard: the sleep, the heat, the emotional turbulence. Tough times. How sweet is the wildflower with those shoes?! Monkey busies herself taking hers off but hasn't yet learned the joys of trying mine on!
    Great looking basil btw, I can't wait for my own tomatoes to ripen, I can smell them in the garden, so tempting.

  12. I love the look of your blog now! It's very fresh and clean.
    I hope it cools soon; sleeping for the little ones is especially tough during those heat waves. Though, I admittedly, especially while pregnant, prefer the AC on at night when it is sweltering to sticky, humid air even if it is fresh.
    I haven't purged my books in years ... it takes some strength because I connect with books so deeply. Good luck to you in that endeavor.

  13. Oh, Mom, hugs! Sleep deprivation makes everything so difficult. Sorry the Wildflower has been having a rough time. I'm also not a 'heat' person so know how uncomfortable you two must be feeling. I love that photo of her in the shoos... most of all the protecting hands ready to catch her if she should fall... luvvv!
    Blessing and magic.

  14. oh no, i hope it cools off soon for you and the little wildflower~~~ i really hate the heat too. i wish it were falling leaves, and scarves and mittens year round. my ancestors must have been real northerners :)


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