Sunday, July 5

the week that was

The in-laws arrived last Sunday. It has been lovely to see the Wildflower take to them so easily and openly. She's normally more reserved with new people. It's true that children sense love. They in turn are delighting in her every noise and move.

So lots of wonderfulness alongside the average annoying-the-heck-out-of-us in-law nuances.
I for one am also getting less sleep. YES! L E S S. I'm pretty much a train wreck in motion, while still trying to handle the rollercoaster emotions we're going through right now. Oh yeah, didn't I mention? As far as the in-laws are concerned everything is peachy. It's a strange situation for us - sort of putting reality on hold.

The weather in the Adriatic is uncharacteristically wet. Last Summer we experienced 4 months of drought, now it's July and we're still having showers and even a storm or two. Great for the land, not so great for tourism (of which our town depends upon).

I finished The Kite Runner and am reading Daniel Deronda. I'll post reviews at some point.

I completed a pair of crochet sandals - pics to come, as well as a baby blanket for a friend's newborn.

Man, isn't blogland quiet during the Northern Summer?!

Things still aren't groovy here, but I decided to enjoy the small moments during this temporary impasse. I'm embracing those moments, while I'm feeling like a sentence that has come to a comma.


  1. I'm sorry you can't be honest with your in-laws, but I hope the pretending you are going through now does become reality once more. Or not, if that is the right thing for you.

    I'm also sorry about your sleeping problems. I wish I knew something practical to suggest, but I'm sure you know all the natural remedies already.

    So I'll just wish you blessings.

  2. SwedishJenn05 July, 2009

    Great to hear about the success with the in-laws and that you are able to focus on the joys they bring where the Wildflower is concerned. I've been checking in everyday hoping for an update and although the rollercoaster sounds treacherous (sp?), it's nice to hear you are not letting it affect the Grandparent/Grandchild experience. Boy that must take an enormous amount of personal strength. From where you're reaching for it, I have no idea. Praying that the situation, whatever it may be, with DIY Dad will sort itself out given time and energy and love and whatever other ingredient required. Keep on keepin' on...

  3. SwedishJenn05 July, 2009

    As for the sleeping problems, I'm sure they've been compounded by all the turmoil and change. I've heard from everyone about the weather and find it so hard to believe, having spent 2 and a half sweltering summers there. Feeling especially bad for the friends whose businesses rely heavily on tourism dollars. The economy is compounding the problem as well. Sweden has seen some uncharacteristic weather as well but the opposite, hot and sunny. It's been challenging in the sense that "air conditioning" is a foreign concept here, even in office buildings so folks are really sweating it out. Today marked the change BACK to Swedish summer though...18 and cloudy.

  4. SwedishJenn05 July, 2009

    ps. Love the Kite Runner. Now you have to read A Thousand Splendid Suns, which you may "enjoy" more.

  5. Still trying to catch up, so I'm not entirely sure all that's going on besides severe sleep deprivation, rain and family visitors. But, I'm thinking of you and sending you warm thoughts, courage, strength and moments of peace in your days.

  6. So glad that the Wildflower is loving her grandparents, and they are loving her. What a sweet connection.

    Oh no, not less sleep for you. I too wish I could help on that one. I have sleeping problems as well and no matter what I do before bed, I always seem to wake up in the middle of the night filled with anxiety and worry. Not sure if that is anything like what you are experiencing, but the only thing I can do at that point is get completely out of bed and awake (to clear my mind) and then try to sleep again later. Unfortunately later may be too late. I hope you get the sleep you need.

    I love Summer storms... we are having quite a few here as well. We had thunder last night. Reminded me of home (Texas).

    Yes, I agree that blogland is a bit quiet these days. I find it hard to get on as much... just want to be out gardening or lazing around. But I am missing some of my favourite bloggers.

    Take care love. xx

  7. I hate it when one isn't able to resolve things in the way one would like, at the time one would like. Sending bright thoughts your way, and encouraging the universe to shine on you and sort things out!

    Also, re sleep - poor you. Hope you're managing to find the head-space to deal with it all.

  8. Glad to hear the Wildflower is groovin' with the Grands...sorry to hear everything else isn't quite groovin' though...*sigh*...I "get" the pretending thing - and its buggerly hard to keep up -- big drain on the (already stretched thin) resources....

    ....and so I send you strength and fortitude my Dear -- although I hardly know you, I sense an enormous power in you that I'm sure will see you through this ordeal..and if you should waver, you know that we are Here....

    ~healing blessings~

  9. Wow, am so impressed you manage to read novels even though sleep deprived!
    This too will know that...keep on keeping on, you're doing great! :)

  10. You are such lovely people!

    Ruth - it never occurs to me not to read. lmao

  11. Not less sleep Mon! Nooooo. Must be remedied...this instant. Or at least very soon, I hope. Curling up with a novel when exhausted can be surprisingly restive...though not the same thing as a good snooze.

    Completing crocheting projects too!

    Good to hear that the Wildflower is soaking up lots of grandparental love. Children love these connections don't they?


  12. i don't know how you manage! In-laws AND less sleep?! You are some kinda miracle woman!

    I hope everything starts picking up. Have you heard the song by India.Arie...I think it's an untitled track but I call it "this too shall pass". Great to sing on a crumby day (week, month, lol).



  13. Stress, in-laws, pretence and less sleep sounds a very bad combination. Hope you find some peace soon my dear. In my thoughts.


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