Thursday, July 9

Thankful Anyway Thurday

It's easy to be thankful for the good stuff, can you be thankful for the not so good?
(as serious or light-hearted as you like)

I hate to do this to any delicate readers out there but I have a confession.....

erm, you see, well, um, I'm a bad gardener. Aha, yep. I will get into the specifics in another post. But for today, I wanted to share how despite being said crap gardener, I managed to keep a few herbs going.

Only to have visiting dad-in-law over-water them, or change their positions, and kill off my lovely chamomile and cumin plants.

When you're really bad at something, you could do without anyone else's help in being worse, you know?

I am thankful anyway because...

I have one thrivng catnep plant (below), as well as thyme and peppers and marigolds, oh and lavender too. Lemon balm is awaiting examination... or autopsy, we'll see.

And it's good to have the in-laws here, trying to be helpful.

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  1. Hey Sweet Mama!
    Your little catnip looks like its actually a Medicago. I don't know of any medicinal uses, but it is a legume, so it's good for putting nitrogen in the garden.

  2. Mon, my thumb is not so green, either. But gardening is about getting to know the plant world, right? It takes time to learn what they respond to. It can be costly, though, and disheartening. I hear ya. I can't wait to have a little place to call my own and make lots of mistakes and maybe, just maybe, grow.

  3. i'm not good at it either. i have two left ungreen thumbs :) once though i was able to keep a bed of marigolds alive for months though! it was great~ i love marigolds~~

    beautiful little yellow flower that one you have there :)

  4. Not catnep!!?? But it's from seed! I purchased from reputable seller in UK. Unless perhaps it's a weed that seeded itself in my tray. OMG, too funny.

  5. I am not a very green thumb...but getting better. I am so thankful for my in-laws...they babysat a lot when my girls were toddlers!!!

  6. You're doing better than I am if you have that much left! This is why I leave the gardening to my husband.

  7. I do okay out in the garden but if it is in a pot you might as well cross it off!! Great new look, I am trying to catch up on all my blog reading but nice weather and the need for sleep at night has slowed me down!!

  8. Oh very *helpful*....:) My condolences on the demise of your herbs....lemonbalm is fairly hardy, perhaps it will pull through....;)

  9. Now see, I would have totally pegged you as a gardener...alas, my own little urban garden is also suffering...we have lost the peas and squash...three little ones over-anxious to water has not helped...the tomatoes and peppers are surviving so far though, and I definitely am grateful! I should have done a Thankful Thursday post, definitely been that kind of month...

  10. SwedishJenn10 July, 2009

    Gardening....eeek! Mostly my nasty hayfever has kept me away from anything green and flowery. I admire the skill in others, particularly my husband, but I, alas am completely hopeless. You will pull through though, I am sure of it!

  11. Gah! Noooo - he didn't??!!

    That soil doesn't look that hospitable for chamomile - it can be a little temperamental and likes it a bit rich and loamy.
    And no, that little guy in the pic is not catnip, definitely a legume. But I'm rooting for the lemon balm - one of my faves and will survive just about anything...and, er, anyone as the case may be. Tell the pa in-law to step away from the herbs.

  12. Oh no! And you've been so excited about it and all. Surprises me though, I was sure you were gonna have a great green thumb. But you'll get your chance again. I'm still learning too. Some things definitely grow better than others.


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