Monday, July 27

taken away by dance

I've had (and am still in the throes of) such a turbulent month/week, both emotionally and recently physically due to the baby's prickly heat (add a mild cold to that) which has included 3am oatmeal baths..... that I have been incapable of blogging. I have so many good things to chat about, so many posts in draft and nothing will work its way from my head to my finger tips. I'm missing your posts too :(

And then came dance....

I've mentioned before how I love dancing - both doing it and watching it (countless cheesy films watched because of the dance focus), and last week an incidental mention by septembermom changed my week. Well, it added some joy to it anyway.

Unable to blog, craft, or read (!!!), I turned to watching youtube clips of So You Think You Can Dance. I hadn't even heard of this show! I've come dangerously close to using up all my bandwidth (if this post comes to you in August, that's why).

For a moment, I am taken away. And when you find yourself in a state you cannot yet change, it's just what you need.

My picks:

Janette Manrara is an unbelievable dancer. She's been flawless throughout. She was voted out last episode and I think the American public needs to get its head examined. This is her brilliant audition for the show.

link here

Breast Cancer awareness piece - touching and important.

link here

Cool and strong.


edit: what takes you away, when you can't focus?

Our nieces arrive on Wednesday for a couple of weeks. So it will be busy. And now, back to youtube searches......


  1. It's always nice to break away for awhile and immerse yourself in something fun like this. I wish I could dance like these amazing! Hope little one is better soon :)

  2. I don't watch any reality shows, except for So You Think You Can Dance! I, too, LOVE watching dance... And I agree, the American public is insane for voting off Janette!! She was my favorite dancer on the show... :-P

  3. I love to dance and to watch it as well. I look forward to SYTYCD each week... I think it has opened the door to dance to so many other people who may have never known the joy in it before. I love the Jeanine and Brandon dance above. There is also one from Jeanine and Jason that I love dearly, it is a Travis Wall routine from a couple of weeks ago. Loved it!

  4. Mon - this is absolutely my most favorite show EVER. I watch every episode TWICE. I have never not ended up happy at the end of this show. I have not blogged about it because it doesn't fit with my theme, and also because I would probably come off like a complete FANATIC (which I basically am.) It's not just the fabulous dancing and choreography and mix of styles, it's also the judging and the true growth that you see in the dancers over the course of the season. The judges/choreographers truly try to develop these dancers. And they focus on getting them to dance from the inside out, not just perfecting the steps.
    I love all the picks you made, I would also have selected Janine's and Jason's from the prior week. I loved Jeanette too, but I also love the three women left, so her elimination was not that devastating to me. I think at this point Jeanine has actually become my favorite overall.
    What a great new connection here, so happy to hear you and others that visit you love this show too!! Makes me feel not so crazy about it...

  5. So you think you can dance was SUCH a great contest show, so many beautiful dancers, I got all religious about watching it, it was sooo good, and the African dance one you posted at the bottom, that was by far the best duo performance on the show to that point. Was annoyed with who won though, the runner up had soo much more flair I thought :). Funny you posted about dance, I just posted about a dancing feather the other day....synchronicity :) T-boy is at dancing as I speak (his choice although I suspect my dh is vicariously living through him). It's the only formal instruction I think he will ever have....

  6. Um...woops, I actually thought you had posted the Oz 'so you think you can dance' one! I was actually talking about the African Samba here, it's amazing!
    (sorry the dance starts a bit in...)

  7. ooh, more fans of dance.

    Lisa - there's safety in numbers! :D

    Ruth - what a great concept, an African inspired rumba. Had to watch it.

  8. I've never seen this show! But I can relate to you not being able to get anything done ... my blog world is neglected lately ... not for lack of desire but lack of waking hours ... my kids need me!

    When I feel like I can no longer function a day with the kids outside ... in the garden, in the woods, at the river usually helps greatly!!!

  9. i've never watched that show, but i think i know the feeling you mean. i LOVE the movie, strictly ballroom. have you seen that? it's one of my favorites~~~

    "a life lived in fear is a life half lived!" ~fran, strictly ballroom

    so glad you have something fun and wonderful that brings you such joy, mon :)

  10. Kudos to mountainmama, Strictly Ballroom is a movie worth downloading Mon, if you haven't had the pleasure.

    Really missing your posts.

  11. Puhleeease - like I would have missed that one. :D

  12. really, a shocking number of people i've found have never even heard of that film!

    i'm glad you found it though. i think it's the most wonderful dance movie... :)


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