Friday, July 17

the little crab

Part of my child astrology series.


I feel it my responsibility to clarify the misleading characteristic imposed on Cancerians - they are not moody. Little crabs are inherently very stable. The idea that they're moody comes from their sensitivity to their environment and the people around them. A stable environment will support an emotionally stable crab. If the carers are irritable, unhappy, or stressed, this moon-ruled baby will feel it all. It's their sensitivity that has them easily cry, laugh, scream in anger, or frighten.

The other misconception is that the crab is, well... crabby. The thing about this sign is that they don't bottle up their feelings. So if you irritate them, they'll wear that irritability openly.

Unlike their animal symbol, these little crabs are so, so cuddly. They love to be cuddled and to cuddle others. They are the most natural nurterers and it usually shows from the earliest months.

Cancer babies do best with feeding on demand. If forced to fit into a schedule, they can become overeaters.

Sing them gentle lullabies and find their favourite. They will remember it forever after and will be soothed by it. I've yet to meet a crab baby that disliked bath time. If she needs soothing and all else fails, water should do the trick.

They are very placid and loving little beings. In fact, they can be so docile, that the danger is that their parents will not provide enough attention, believing them to be 'just fine'. This is a risk especially if there are other more demanding siblings. While they might adapt to, or accept, whatever you choose for their entertainment or sleeping arrangements, their emotional and psychological potential is reached by providing lots of stability, 1-on-1 stimulation, encouragement, and plenty of affection.


  1. I don't know a whole lot about astrology, except that I'm a libra and I fit the libran mold like a glove. It was interesting to read about the crab, because that's what my little guy is.

    It makes sense about being stable and showing emotion as well. He is usually calm or happy, but has no problem showing his true feelings when he is frustrated, excited, or scared. He self-entertains so well that I have to remind myself to go play and interact with him sometimes, and I ALWAYS respond to him any time he makes any effort to connect. And I always feel so bad whenever my bad mood is clearly affecting him also.

    He's loved and recognized the song Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star since he was two weeks old, so it was interesting to read what you wrote about lullabies!

    I knew right away that he would never be on an eating schedule, which also turned me off to the idea of a nap schedule. Yes, he loves water, and he loves cuddling. This sounds like my baby!

  2. Oh of course he's a little crab - forgot that his birthday landed in crab month :)
    Thank you for sharing this, love hearing how mamas notice astrological traits.

  3. I agree with your summing up. I always think of Cancerians as being the tenderest of beings and the most thoughtful, loyal friends. There is definitely something in the way they instinctively nurture people. The 'crabbyness' or 'hardness' is the protective shell that some put up as a way of hiding their true soft and sensitive nature.

  4. My dd is Cancerian. You are certainly right about the lullaby thing - ten years old and she still loves her favourites from babyhood! I don't know about being "placid" though! ;-)

    By the way, you asked me a question at my weblog the other day. I'm happy to answer it for you, but would prefer to do so via email. I don't have your email addy, so if you do want to know the whole very cool story, you're welcome to drop me a line. :-) (But it may be too witchy even for you, lol!)

  5. I've been wanting to go back and read this, missed it at the time. The twins are Cancers and turned 3 years old on June 28th! I know it's cliche, but I can't believe it. It is interesting how they seem to both manifest some Cancerian traits, but in different ways, and others they seem to have split or divided up. For example, they are both very sensitive energetically but my son shows it more emotionally - he is cautious in new situations, and is often the classic 'moody' Cancer steroetype. His twin sister is crazily upbeat - one of the happiest and seemingly fearless kids I have ever seen (causes ME anxiety actually, because if there is something to climb, for example, she will find it!) But physically she is very sensitive to foods, soaps, detergents, etc. and energetically to any negativity. She will shut down in a hurry if someone nearby is angry.
    As for structure/schedule/routine - she is very freewheeling that way, and always was, in terms of eating and sleeping, but he really seems to crave routine. For him, it seems to stave of some of his anxiety - knowing what comes next, when he will be eating etc.
    But they are both very affectionate, very physical, and very flirtatious, which seems to be a Cancer trait too? And they do LOVE bathtime - also, they are taking swim classes this summer, which I thought might be a little early, but they are LOVING being in the water.

  6. I always find twins especially intriguing. Thanks for sharing Lisa.

  7. my partner is of the sign cancer and this description is so true of him. it's also so telling given that he was raised in an environment with virtually ZERO stability. moving constantly, a different school almost every year, sometimes in the same year. unstable family. little nurturing and attention. my poor crab can be crabby, yet also oh so cuddly :) and i've found that as you say, he's most happy when life is predictable. thanks for this description!


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