Friday, July 3

June in Review

Your reader's may have missed out on some content this month, or you have new or occassional readers. Consider a Month in Review post. I know I can't keep up with all the wonderful blogs out there. Just copy & paste the headings below and add your responses.
The idea of 1 sentence is so that readers can quickly catch up with you and read other bloggers' reviews.
Feel free to do your own review.

Here's a tip, set a post up in draft form and add to it throughout the month before you forget by the end of the month!

June in Review, in 1 sentence.

Summary (3 sentence max)
This month has centred on huge upheavals, both tangible and emotional. Almost everything else eclipsed. Container gardening got a head start with the lovely Den being seed surrogate, but the wrong soil has been a hindrance.

Afternoons at a quiet beach, watching the Wildflower wimp out on the cool water.

Finances, emotions....As unpleasant as it may be, whining is the least of our troubles.

Riding the winds.

An insight/thought
Wondering how we people have taught ourselves to settle for less than we deserve.

Website/blog Find/Tip or Idea from web
A game to learn social skills such as sharing.

Words (quote/reading/book recommendation/1 sentence review!/anything word-related)
Loved this phrase for it's own beauty and because it's how I feel too, "Rain is throwing old memories at my roof."

Note to Self
You are even stronger than you thought, don't ever forget it again.

Slice of home (A photo of a tiny corner of your home, or objects, that represent something about this month)

Easing the furrowed brow with baking.

Let me know if you've done one and I'll add your link to this post.

Carin at My Sacred Home


  1. Thank you for quoting me :-) I'm sorry this midsummer month blistered you. I hope July will be better.

    I'm glad you did this review, because although I thought I read your post on the wind, I actually somehow missed it. You know, my soul is captive utterly to the wind, to the point that I could probably say it is my religion. So your science was interesting. A paradigm. A certain way with words. Gods, ions, its all the same.

    Wishing you blessings, beauty ... and all the brawn your spirit needs to thrive.

  2. June sounds as though it's been a very challenging month for you. Baking is an earthy solace, I find.

    I've been pondering a good deal lately on the idea of settling for less than we deserve, and the choices we make that can lead us down that road, without us even realising.

    Wishing you continued strength, and may these challenging times pass gently by you, if that can be.

  3. Me again. I did a June review, not in the same way, but sort of.

  4. Oops clicked post too soon.

    The link: review

    Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. It seems that this month has been a source of great turmoil for many.....

    wishing you strength and gentle passage....

  6. I've been thinking of you quite a lot and sending love and positive thoughts your way. Here is hoping that July is a better month for you and your family. I also find baking to be a soothing practice. xx

  7. You got me thinking about settling. It's different from compromise, isn't it? When we settle, we resign ourselves. There's something more active in compromise.

    I've got a lot going on right now-some good, some not so good. I think I needed to hear this and keep it in mind.

    Mon, I just want you to know how much I value you (have I said this before?!). It's true.

  8. Love your month in review....and yes indeed baking does ease the furrowed brow....watcha make??

  9. Thanks for all your thoughts, good energies and positive thoughts. It means a lot to me.

    Leanne - cookies and muffins *grin*

  10. you visited my space some time ago, and i just have found the time in which to follow you here.
    and i am so happy to find myself with your thoughts.
    what beauty you have~

  11. That is a beautiful phrase. I just had to follow the link to see where it came from...a poet, of course!

    And as for your insight--yes!? I think I have mostly unlearned that behavior.

  12. Sounds like a very challenging month. As always you seem to have handled it with grace and compassion for both yourself and the situation. May July be better,


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