Thursday, July 9

Crocheted toddler sandals

I so enjoyed making these. I found them quite easy. I mean, they're not perfect, but they look just fine for shoes. Unfortunately they turned out a little too small for the girl child, but have served as part of a birthday gift for a friend's 1 year-old girl. I'll make another pair.

I found the pattern on Ravelry - downloaded as a pdf from the etsy seller - and it's the first one I have ever bought. I figured it was well below any retail shoes I would have to purchase.

I used cotton thread for the soles (brown) and then baby soft yarn (lilac) for the main part. The cotton was stash and I took a chance at the two colours working together. I think they look fab.

I could have sworn that I took more photos of the process. Oh well.


  1. I noticed in our (temporary) town newspaper that a crochet group meets regularly here. After seeing these amazing sandals, I think I will have to take them up on their "beginners welcome" invitation and join in the fun!! These are so freakin' adorable!!

  2. They look fab Mon! Really, really fab! And so bloody cute.

  3. Too cute! Your friend's daughter is very lucky to get such a special gift :)


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