Wednesday, July 8

blog, witch job, and other trivials

So watchya think of the new look? I was feeling like a change, something to reflect my creatvity, which I feel is in abundance these days (at least in thought if not production). I'm also hoping this template loads quicker for you. Although it doesn't look as good in IE7.

I'm slowly making my way over to Firefox (and here in Brit English). I see myself there fulltime soon. IE is so annoying with all its little hitches. I think because I wanted to concentarte on blogging and reading that I was putting off getting to know it better. But now that some blogs are exploding into cyberspace whenever I use IE, well, that's just not good enough folks.

Are you an out-of-work witch? Well, if you're in England or happy to commute (depends upon your broom speed I suppose) then there's an opening in Somerset (been there, lovely place). For £50,000, they simply ask that you be your own hag self and live in their cave.

Pride & Prejudice in comic book form? shock, horror. Hey, if it reaches new audiences I'm all for it.

Yesterday I had a day with just the Wildflower. DIY Dad took his parents to Ostrog Monastery. Apparently they were speechless. This is unprecendented.

I've started a new crafty skill with which I'm going to tease you all by not telling you what it is just yet. It involves thread....


  1. The new look is very nice. Pride and Prejudice in any form is a good thing. Looking forward to hearing about the new crafty skill. I should hunt for some new ways to express my creativity too. It can add a new dimension to the usual routine. The Monastery photo is cool!

  2. Love the new look! I almost choose this template for my Zen In You blog. It fits you nicely. Can't wait to hear more about your new crafty skill...

  3. SwedishJenn08 July, 2009

    Love the new look and in fact, looks much better in Firefox (switched browsers just to check it out). Actually the Ostrog photo wouldn't even load in stupid IE. Nice to hear you got a day to yourself with the youngster. I find with in-laws, the euphoric feeling lasts a total of 5 days before the tension, anxiety and general annoyance sets in..ha! I laughed out loud at the "speechless" reference. Hope you are doing well. J

  4. ooh your new look is beautiful! :) very inspiring~~~ i love changing around my page to suit my mood. another form of self-expression.

  5. LOVE it! Congrats on the new look. Thanks for heads up on that awesome job opening! :-)

  6. I love the new look, too! Did you do it yourself?

    As for the job opening at Wookey Hole, I wonder what the "range of standard tasks" will be during the interview.


  7. Oooh yes, nice new look. Great colours. You've inspired me to give TNMM an update. And looking forward to hearing about your new crafting exploits. xx

  8. Very fancy new look!! I use Firefox now and have to say I'm quite pleased and don't miss IE's aggravating quirks.....

    Looking forward to hearing more of your newest creative venture...

  9. Hi Again! Thank you for asking about my photos...I use layers to create a vintage look. You can find many beautiful free layers on Flickr. Many photographers have "collective commons" of you are not steeling. I usually type in "vintage textures" in the search box and can find so many. I also go around and shoot photos of things I can use as textures, such as a rusty post, vintage paper, peeling paint on the side of a house...

  10. Very pretty blog Mon. Firefox will be a lot less unwieldy than IE, which is frankly possessed by geeky browser demons out to ruin one's day. Ahem.

    Job for a witch in Somerset eh? Must get the broom serviced...

    On Jane Austen comics: as you say, if it introduces new audiences, I'm all for it. Purists may be frothing at the mouth.

    Very weird looking at that monastery - I had a very clear and powerful dream a couple of years ago that I was there. Never been there, and still don't know the significance. And I do tend to dream about being in monastery-type places a good deal...

    Intrigued about the new craft...can't see you 'broiderin', (but I may be wrong there). Thread...hmm...perhaps you have taken up weaving your way through labyrinths, Ariadne-style.

  11. The blog looks great. P&P in comic book form, not sure how I feel about that, should be interesting. The monastery scares me a bit.

    Lisa ;)

  12. lovely new blog! i wasn't expecting something bright/light but i love the "paper". it fits you well. i was considering a new template too but it's mor work than i want right now. i've been feeling more creative too and am kinda bored with my own. lol

    i've been contemplating the firefox thing too. IE and blogger seem not to be compatible. or maybe it's just my computer. but i'm making my way there.

    good luck with that thready stuff. ;)


  13. Everything looks better in Firefox. And this is a great new look!

    I like the sound of the witch job. Nice cozy peaceful cave ... hardly any housework ... I'd need to develop a wart on my nose though ...

  14. Love the new look. Found the black difficult as times and I see you as a person full of light so this lighter, brighter look is more you...

    We have ditched IE as our defaul browser as we found it too buggy after the PC meltdown. Loving Firefox.

    Loving the catnep plant! Yeah!!!!

    Have some fancy American rye flour (unsifted) for you that I'll drop by soon. I've looked up recipes on the web and bread's where it's at. I'm not riskling that in our dot dot dot oven! We tried cooking frozen croissants the other day and they burnt on the bottom and were soggy on top so not wasting the new goodies. Plus I have no time to be making bread right now!


  15. Pretty colors. I don't use Internet Explorer myself, I prefer Google Chrome, but hubby says Firefox is faster. My PC is fast enough to handle it I guess.

  16. Yep, agree that the new look is very nice, and it's easier to read. I haven't used IE for months, you get so used to Firefox (running in Linux) being ten times better and faster. Such a geeky comment, I'm sorry.

  17. Wow, the new look is fab. Absolutely love it!

  18. Love the new look and I find myself speechless as well re: monastery. I just think you are lucky to live in Europe. What I wouldn't do to be able to afford to go back and spend more than a month exploring the vast richness of the culture, history and landscape.

  19. I really like your new blog layout. I am a subscriber but it has been a while since I was last out here. I am not out of work, but that witching job does sound tempting!


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