Tuesday, August 4

100 Followers....and the G word

Anyone who's been around these parts for a time knows I'm a passionate supporter of the very small blog. The blog that talks about daily life, doesn't try to be perfect, doesn't gain revenues from ads, is honest, and generally wants to share a piece of its author.

Whenever I spot a blog that had less than 10 Followers, I put in an extra effort to read the contents and, if I like it, support it by telling others about it, encouraging the author by commenting and so on. Blogs with 200+ comments per post (they exist!) or 400+ Followers were not for me.

However, here's what I've realised. That if you've blogged long enough, and are a prolific commenter, you'll gain Followers. And um, well, then despite your Small is Beautifil theory (there I am at #82)... well, erm... you're no longer small looking. But, I AM small in heart. Oops, that doesn't sound right.

I mean, I'm not a Big Blogger. One that blogs to make tons of money, or is used by companies to push their products, or is a professional journalist. I don't do giveaways or reviews for revenue, or, or... well, you know.
But 100 seems a number that ought to be recognised. So I'm going to offer a, erm............... gift. Yes, a gift. It's not a giveaway. No, no. Most definitely not. It's a thank you gift.

Your comments have inspired me to no end. I would still blog without a single comment or Follower, but your friendship has been the vanilla extract in my muffins (this makes all the difference to my muffins).

My gift? A baby carrier. Pretty cool huh? Never expected to have something so groovy for you. But the lovely Kozy Carrier I bought for the Wildflower is too much for our 35C+ temps. And she's so mobile that she wants to get out and walk all the time. And the Mr only wore it twice. So after less than 10 wears, it's no longer of use. I feel terrible for the waste of precious funds, but some things are not foreseeable right?

But I get to give it to one lovely Blogger out there!

Let's see...
1. You must own a blog.
2. You must be a Follower (new or old, doesn't matter)
3. You must have a kid to put into the carrier. (or know of one to re-gift it to) Small furry animals do not count.
4. Make a comment here and tell me 2 things:
a) why you want the carrier
b) what topic/s you'll like to see me blog about more

Everyone who complies will go into the very sophisticated draw. The Wildflower will pull out a scribbled number from a bowl
And it seems what other Blogger's do is offer a second chance if you blog a post about the gift (if you say it's a giveaway I'll deduct 20 points from your blogger karma - yes, I have that power). And make sure to let me know probaby by creating a 'link to this post' in the comments area, or just comment a 2nd time.

How long should I give it? 2 weeks?


  1. I love your blog!!! I agree with the being small, I dis a giveaway and have been struggling with what I want to do ... I love blogging, I love doing fun things, I love comments BUT I am not looking to make money ... just maybe to touch someones life ... simple!

    I do have a little one and would love to try out another carrier ... the sling is getting less desirable for him! My neighbor is also expecting a little one and I am handing down everything to her!

    I enjoy reading about your natural ways ... as a mom who wants to raise her children naturally, sometimes it is difficult to not get wrapped up in the craziness of today's society!

  2. Thank you so much for being a commenter. I have had a little blog for over a year now that was made primarily for my family because I am an American living in the UK and so I like my family to know what is going on especially since I am pregnant. However, even they don't comment on my blogs very often and when they do they hardly ever write it in the comments section.

    I like to comment, I like the people to know that their blogs are being read and thoughtfully being considered.

  3. I do not have a little one who will fit anymore. But I wanted to say congratulations on 100 (or 104) followers. It comes as no surprise that so many people want to follow this wonderful 'little' blog. :)

    You were one of the first people out there to show some interest in my blog when I first started it last year. You were (and are still) a source of encouragement and joy. And coming to your blog I found so many wonderful things. I enjoy everything you post about, I really do. I love your insight on parenting, spirituality and holistic living. There is quite a lot of variety here, all spun together with the special Mon touch. I love it.

    Thank you. xx

  4. My Little Ones aren't so Little anymore so I'm not looking for an 'entry'...I just wanted to say 'Yippee?" for your 100+ status. I so *get* what you mean and after the SOPB saw my numbers climb - rather uncomfortably - but I recently lost two and am feeling happier..if that makes sense? So...many congratulations -- 'tis a lovely place you have here...even if it is getting a bit crowded! &grin*

    Seriously though, I LOVE coming here...you have a way of getting to the heart of so much that's swirling around in my undercurrents and I take so much that is inspiring and thought-provoking...THAT, is the true bloggy *giveaway* ...methinks...


  5. ohh what a sweet idea :)

    the little dragon refused her carrier long ago, she loves to walk and be mobile! it was a sad day, i loved carrying her in it!

  6. oh i also wanted to say congrats to you~ it's no wonder so many people love to read your lovely blog~~ you are so wise, insightful and communicative :)

  7. Happy 100 followers! I love your blog for it's honesty. You are not afraid to put yourself out there and though I haven't been following for long, I love that about your blog and admire that in you!I love learning about natural parenting from first hand accounts.
    I have a small blog that I began mid March. I'm not doing it for money, but rather to connect and share idea's. I do do the giveaaway thing, because I think it's a neat way to "gift" to my followers and/or commentors. It also makes me feel a bit professional-loL! Anyhow, thank you for sharing.

  8. I'm not entering for the gift, but I wanted to say congratulations on 100 followers! That says a lot about how much people love your voice. I'll Facebook this and blog it.

    I can't think of anything that I'd like you to post about beyond what you already do. Your Thankful Anyway Thursdays are a highlight of my week.

    My view of monetized blogs is a bit different. Most monetized blogs turn me off because of the money-grubbing feel. If it's a small blog with google ads on the side? Total turn-off. If it's a huge blog, like PW's, that is monetized and maximized out the yin-yang? Turn-off. But if it's a well-written blog that has a lot to offer, makes my day a bit brighter, and has some carefully picked 'sponsors' that add to the feel of the blog rather than detracting from it, I don't mind at all.

    SouleMama's blog is the best example I can think of. I get good recommendations of mama-owned businesses to support, they get a base of potential customers that are interested in their product, and SouleMama gets to ease the financial strain on her family by doing something that she loves. That's the key, I think. She does it because she loves it, she adds value to the blogging world, and she hand-picks quality sponsors with tasteful ads.

  9. What lovely unexpected comments! Thank you so much.

    Sarah - I agree with you. I'm not entirely anti-ads (not entirely, lol), just mean I prefer non-ad blogs. But mostly mean I prefer 'ordinary folk' blogs. The type you mention is the best example of the bigger blogs - hand-picked small businesses, on a worthy blog.
    I support small businesses too!

  10. Congratulations Mon! Your honesty and insight keep me coming back for more :)

  11. Congrats on 100 followers! I enjoy the small blogs.
    I would love the carrier for my first child due early next year.
    I love your posts on books and cooking. It inspires me to pick up a new book or try a new ingredient. Thank you.

  12. I made a post on my blog about your blog.

  13. I just bought a lovely mei tai for my little ladybug so not commenting for the gift (please gift it to someone else looking for a way to be closer to their baby:-) Congrats on what looks like 105 followers! I also just realised that although I included your blog on my 'Beautiful Blogs' list I haven't actually followed, I will do that now...so really congrats on 106 followers!

  14. Big congrats on the followers Mon, a great milestone! Yours is the very first blog (not counting Perez Hilton and no, I didn't just admit to that publicly) that I have ever visited and until I joined the blogosphere a few weeks ago, the only blog I frequented daily. As I have the pleasure of also knowing you personally, your blog posts are all the more meaningful to me. I have a lot of work to do on my blog still (including the removal of GoogleAds for now anyway) before I go "public" and when that day comes, I hope get the kind of supportive followers you have. Cheers, Jenn xoxo

  15. Mon - Well, I don't have a baby to put in the carrier, or to regift to, but I wanted to say congrats! And you have at least 101 followers, because I have never officially added myself over there, although as you know I am a fan. (For some reason I thought the follower thing was a blogspot only thing? Laziness on my part for not looking into it more...) You were definitely an early commenter on my blog, and I really appreciate it. I have learned a lot from you - as a blogger, as a writer, as a parent, and as a human being. So I think you hitting this mark just shows that if you strive to be clear to yourself and your heart, you will find others to resonate with. I hope so anyway, as that is what I am trying to do also. Namaste, my friend- Lisa

  16. Thank you so much for my comment on the 'c' word. If you had one then I can do it too!
    I think for me birth experiences have been huge because they have been the easiest part for me in raising children (and those beautiful natural spiritual experiences (without the myrh frankincense music etc lol), even though they were horrendously long and painful to the point of passing out) but yes, at the end of the day, it's another (important) means to an end, and if it means you or baby get to live through it, then so be it!
    Ok, so this is NOT relevant to this current post, but maybe when I post again in relation to this and the veeeery comfy looking baby carrier, I'll get two shots at winning :P
    I like what you said about your analysis of blogs and followers etc, thank you for supporting my wee drop in the ocean :)

  17. a) why you want the carrier

    Because I use a 6m long sling that's good for the first 6 months for wearing baby and this cozy carrier would be perfect and comfortable for wearing new Dec due baby for many months more, especially to chase around with the other 2 :)
    Also, it would be blessed with your and the Wildflower's good energy :)
    And I would be reminded of all the goodness and wisom from your blog and it would be a great story of kindness to tell others if I was the fortunate recipient of such a lovely gift from a blogger friend.

    b) what topic/s you'll like to see me blog about more
    Mon, I love your straight talking tell it like it is bone deep talks, so any topic! But in particular I would like to see more of your book reviews, info on what herbals you use for medicinal purposes, esp. with the wildflower etc, and what your life was like BC (before children) but I think you have already written about this many moon ago so I will go research...

    Thank you, how exciting to see what happens in 2 weeks!

    I will go post a link about it right now..., actually I'm going to add it under my mother and baby pic post.

  18. Congratulations on your 100+ followers!! I've only just put the widget on my weblog because I wasn't sure if I needed the constant lesson in humility. ;-)

    As you know, I don't have a kid to be carried :-( so I'm not entering the lovely gift draw, and I thought I was a follower but my computer is saying not ... but I would like you to blog more about conscious parenting. Please. :-)

  19. My son will be 3 months old tomorrow, and he is Ginormous. He's the size of a baby twice his age, and this is beginning to be a problem with his pouch sling.Both the fitting of him into it comfortably and the uneven distribution of weight across my back. Because it looks soooo comfortable, I think it would be a delightful way to carry Snapdragon.
    As per what I'd see you blog about more. I like the way you eloquently delve into your topics in a manner both straightforward and insightful. It's refreshing.
    I'm personally always most keenly interested in human issues, particularly as they apply to children and the raising thereof, as well as reading about reflections on how to live a little more harmoniously with the world around us, and fostering a more environmentally conscious attitude in our children, so yeah. that.
    By the way, I was directed toward your blog by PhD in Parenting. She's pretty phenomenal, imho.
    And yesterday I made the big step into the whole "giveaway" thing, and I did it specifically because I wanted a way to give back to my friends who have been so supportive, and because the WAHM sponsoring it is a friend and I want to raise awareness of her awesomeness.
    What drives me nuts though, are the blinking ads for belly tightening creams and that sort of shenanigan which have absolutely nothing to do with the blog, or when the blog owner is pushing wares they don't believe in, just for popularity or to cash in in one way or another. that just feels sad to me.

  20. I just started following so:

    I don't know what I'd like to blog about more, because I need to get to know you...but I started following (about 3 seconds ago) because it seems like you tend to be a minimalist and we have similar interests and parenting practices.

    I have 2 boys... 3 and 5 months.. and my wee one is getting a little heavy for the sling. And I'm a mom/college student and so I just don't have the money to go bust out and buy a million carriers.

  21. I stumbled onto you blog from a tweet. I have a blog that I started when I was pregnant with my 1st. I use it as a place to store memories, photos, firsts, and cute things I know I'll forget. Why I want the carrier? Because I now have a 2 month old, and I need the spare hands. I do have a baby hawk, but I've been eying a Kozy for a while, but husband doesn't think I need more than one - sheesh! ;)
    What topics? Well that's hard to say since this is my 1st visit to your blog, but I will come back!

  22. What a lovely thought. A gift for us? Thank you! Although my current bundle of joy is most likely too large for the carrier, the husband and I have recently been dreaming of adding another little person to the family...soon...very soon.

    As for what I'd like to see more of on your blog, I'm intriged by the child astrology work you do. Would love to hear more of that here.

  23. Actually, I just made a whole new post inspired by you and I whipped up a mama carrying her baby - thanks, now I'm going to do a mother and child series!
    You have the link :)
    Plus, I would give my sling away to another if I were gifted yours :)

  24. I do not need the carrier but I have to tell you that I absolutely love you. Thank you so much for being wonderful!

  25. Oh, and I'm 202 on the Small is Beautiful list ;-)

  26. You have 108 followers which is an auspicious number. I like your blog name and will look forward to reading more. T

  27. Oh my - I just found your blog and now it's part of my bookmark list - my blog is so small i've posted less than 10 times!
    (my blog:
    http://circlesanddotts.blogspot.com/) can I put that?
    I have 2 girls way too big for the carrier - 11 and 6 but my sister is newly pregnant with her first - due in feburary! finally there will be cousin and a niece or nephew to spoil!
    I would love for her to carry on the child wearing tradition :)

    some things to blog about - fun things you do with you kids,
    cooking, crafts , just being a mom,
    you name it :)
    can't wait to read and explore more of your site!

  28. Congrats, Mon!!

    Not entering, just saying that I love your space here. I enjoy the exchanges I find here! It really is such good energy, Mon...

    Peace, friend.

  29. I have a two year old who still loves to be carried. We have been wanting to get a second carrier though for two reasons: first, because she thinks my mei tei is for front only and won't go on my back in it, and second because I'm expecting a second baby and would like the option of being able to carry them both. That carrier looks really comfortable.

    As for topics to blog about, I love to see what sort of activities parents do with their younger children. The child astrology sounds really neat too.

    I'm not a follower per se, but have your blog in my blog feed on my e-mail (that's how I keep track of blogs I like). Does that count? I just found your blog recently and it's great. I agree with you about small, honest blogging.

  30. That is verrrry generous and sweet of you. Don't enter me since my lab mix won't really appreciate me carrying him around on my back, but Good Luck to the winner!

  31. Thought I'd come over for a look around - really like your message here! Don't enter me in your gifting as my kids are much too big to be carried (11 and 13 yrs old!) although I think they secretly would like to be! I'll come back for another visit soon.

  32. Wow, Mon, you've got a lot of responses here! Since I have a similar carrier already, and no one comes to mind for me to give it to, do not put me in the draw.

    Funny thing, though, I think about that photo a lot. For some reason it always stuck with me and your post about the mall and letting her crawl around on the dirty floor, much to the dismay of onlookers (I let mine do the same, but nobody cares out here!).

    Anyway, I know you are a "small" blogger. I appreciate you supporting my blog. Like you, I would blog anyway, but the comments do mean a lot. I think you have so many followers because you really have a way with words. You aren't afraid to speak your mind, and yet, your words are always so gentle that I can't imagine you could ever offend anyone. I wish I had that gift.

    As far as topics go, I would love to hear more of your thoughts on The Aware Baby or Tantrums and Tears if you have read that one, too. Also I like the posts about your homestead and would like to hear your thoughts about dealing with childhood illnesses. And, of course, your ruminations are always inspiring.

  33. I don't think I'm even an "official" follower of your blog! Heh. I also want to say that I've had the privilege to "meet" other wonderful bloggers through your blog. You attract a great bunch.

  34. Mon, I still remember when I was a new and timid blogger. You were one of the first to comment on my posts and follow my blog. Like you, I would continue to blog even without the comments and followers, but it was nice to know someone was paying attention and joining in on my thoughts. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.


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