Friday, June 26

the weeks that were

We'll just pass right by the Big Shake-Up now ok?... move along, nothing to see...

Lots of early morning walks, if we're up and ready by 8:30am. But it's already so hot that I'm thinking I have to be out by 8am! Not easy when sleep is so precious for us.

Wildflower had some time in a kiddie park for the first time.

Her 7th and 8th tooths popped through.

A Facebook quiz told me that South Dakota is my ideal USA state. What does this mean?!

Watched Slumdog Millionaire. Recommended.

Are you a wild gal? Willing to ride a purple bike (literally or metaphorically) with a full heart and wave at strangers? Check on over at Mel's sisterhood. Lovely idea.

The rumours that have been wafting around here for months seem to be true. Pamela Anderson is planning to open up a health/spa centre here in Montenegro. Specifically, about 15 minutes drive from us where the Wildflower was born. Weird.

If you're easily flustered or like to plan, then read Momma Snail's great review of the schoolhouse planner. I'm not a planner myself, preferring the natural flow, but darn this looks great if you are.

Soooo believe in Ruth's phrase "Success comes from doing and working at whatever you love all the time."

Baked lemon cookies and then vanilla cookies. Haven't baked in a long time, being the seasons of heat and all. Non-chore cooking is therapeutic and inspiring and fulfilling for me - I needed it.

The outin-laws are arriving Sunday, to stay for 20 days but with the scariest words known to the visited - OPEN TICKET. *blink*
What with the recent Big Shake-Up that-shall-not-be-mentioned, this is going to be tough. Really tough. It will be a test of our inner strength. But besides that, it will be great to see them and for them to have time with the girl-child.


  1. Sending you blessings and hoping that everything is OK with you ...

    Shirl x

  2. Where do I start? The baking of vanilla cookies and Pamela Anderson all in one post...that possibly is a first! Non-chore baking can be therapeutic indeed.

    Sounds as though you have a similar summer schedule to ours: get out before the heat or be house-bound, (such a sweet pic btw - the Wildflower looks mighty chuffed to be having a swing).

    South Dakota? What kind of quiz is it?

    Slumdog Millionaire is on my list of things to watch...(am watching Man on Wire at the moment - fascinating).

    I'm definitely checking out the schoolhouse planner. I love a plan (in theory), and not being the most spontaneous of souls, I also love a back-up plan for the plan ; ) Sad. I know.

    Open tickets...*shudder*. I have my out-laws here at the moment. It's ok though, I have booze. And they leave on Wednesday. Good luck!


  3. that is too weird...the pamela anderson thing. shudder.

    all my best to you.

  4. whoa. what have i missed? i hope you are well. def weird about pamela's spa. and i hear ya on the early morning thing. we have such a small window before we fry, we hardly ever make it. and oh my, those cookies look fantabulous. hmm...


  5. I watched Slumdog this week too - wasn't it a good story. Yep, success certainly comes from doing things you love...
    What a surprise for you to quote me there, thanks! Actually, I'm assuming it was me, lol.
    Your cookies look super good. Well done for baking in the heat.
    Am so with you on cooking for non-chore. Best type for me too. I've really made an effort at seeing chore cooking as non-chore: what would I like to cook for me? It seems to help change my attitude about the everyday cooking being a chore...

  6. Open ticket?!?!?! You're a brave woman lol. Hope things are settling around you though.

    Those cookies look yummy!

  7. Wildflower is a beauty ! i'm sorry you had trouble scrolling, I'm not sure why that would be but i'll look into it.

    Namaste :)


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