Saturday, June 13

the week that was... and other bits

After a week of heavy rains and cloudy skies, Summer has hit us full in the face. It's hot, hot, and will get much hotter still.

The Wildflower had a few nights of incredibly restless sleeping and I was a Zombie on Tuesday, not helped by a very irritable (understandbly so) child. Thankfully she slept a lot better Wednesday night. I always seem to be taken to the brink and pulled back just before the leap.

A friend helped me get through the headache-ridden-sleep-deprivation by breaking up our day with a trip to the bayside. The Wildflower was distracted with pebbles and birds. She's not interested in the cool water yet. Well, she is a fire sign afterall.

We heard that DIY Dad's parents will be staying with us for 20 days. They had said 10.. hmmmmmm... sneaky. But we love 'em.
This will be followed by our nieces (19 and 17) a week later for 2 weeks.

The cumin and pepper seedlings are looking good...

DIY Dad got the mould (UK spelling) situation sorted out. Phew!

We're taking walks in the morning along the bay if we're out of bed before 8:30am (rarely) and again in the early evening. It's too hot to venture out during the day.
And the BIG change in this, is that the Wildflower is no longer in a carrier. It didn't feel like such a big deal because I haven't had her in one for a while. I just carry her in my arms. But the heat has made it impossible, and now that she's walking she wants a different experience. So we scored a stroller on loan from friends. She loves it. I missed her face at first and kept bending down to say hi. What a sap!

I'm SO annoyed about the whole UK Home Education review, despite no longer living there. I also wish more American bloggers were just as outraged and blogging about it.

This is long, a film really, worth a look. About our planet. Direct link here.


  1. Wow. Thanks for linking the UK home ed review. I didn't have time to read it all but I've saved it. Some things jumped out at me right away - like the right to enter a person's home. I highly disagree with the establishment of the EU and I think the Child Rights is just a way to establish control within homes under the guise of child safety. But it's hard to argue some of the issues when the UK supports and votes some of these things in. I mean I can easily tell you where the US is messed up, but I understand our Constitution and laws and can easily find infractions, kwim.

    I will find some time to read through this, if for no other reason than to highlight some obvious problems and pass the word onto other bloggers.

    Thanks for bringing this to light.


  2. What a great update. I went to look at the article you linked, but couldn't be bothered opening the PDF files because I knew right away they would irritate me. I actually think it is good the govt monitors and supports homeschoolers, because I do know of families where the children aren't getting a good education - but I also know that some govts happily use this as an excuse to harass, bully, and limit perfectly decent homeschoolers. In NZ we have reviews every few years, after having had to submit a request to homeschool, and while I think the reviews are a good idea and helpful, the initial request is a disgusting measure and the people responsible for replying to it are apparently anti-homeschooling tyrants.

    Oops, I see I have begun a rant. Ahem, sorry, I'd better just tiptoe away ...

  3. Very happy to hear that the mould has been resolved! Phew is right!

    Thanks for the links. It's very worrying indeed. Looks as though Australia will follow Britain too in their attempts to 'regulate' homeschooling, (as they do in so many areas).

    I am actually in favour of a little regulation, and I do think we are accountable as parents and educators. I have my own views about home education, but I question the nature and framework of that accountability. There is a fine line between ensuring that children can access their democratic rights to an education within a safe and nurturing environment, and infringing upon or even violating someone's values and rights as a parent and citizen. Bureaucrats aren't that good at nuance I've found.

    Sounds as though you have a swag of family visits ahead - can be good. My in-laws are arriving too. Not so good.

    Seeds: very cool.

  4. Wow...visitors for a month? Good luck! I hope you find time to keep blogging...I would miss your wisdom.

  5. SwedishJenn15 June, 2009

    Hey there! So glad to hear WildFlower gets the joy of experiencing a "stroll". It's a different world for her I'm sure. Though wistful, I'm sure your body is a tad bit thankful as well. Good to hear about your upcoming visitors. 20 days is NOTHING. I'm going on almost 3 months with the M-I-L (more on THAT later). As for the homeschooling, ick. I'm not and likely never will be a homeschooler but I greatly admire those that do. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine has turned out the loveliest two young ladies ever and I "blame" it all on the wonderful job she did as a teacher. xxxooo

  6. It's mainly the bit about them insisting on entering the home to 'check' on the child.

    Jenn - 3 months!!?? yikes
    I would have kept carrying her if it weren't for the heat. Great workout

  7. I find the UK situation, scary.
    That whole entering the house thing really
    bothers me. I don't want my state telling me
    how to educate or care for my child,
    or grow my own know what I mean.
    They should concentrate on the children in their care..when they do a good job with them, then they can branch out.;-)
    I understand the stroller thing as well, we used our stroller only a few times, my DH especially
    felt P was "too far away" while in

  8. SwedishJenn16 June, 2009

    Mon, use the time with the in-laws wisely and get out for a date night! Though I can't say I've been practicing what I'm preaching. We have managed to make it out for 1 though and I plan to hit the movies this weekend with the Dad.

  9. Mon, piping up a little late, here...

    The proposed changes to the treaty are:

    "That designated local authority officers should:

    have the right of access to the home

    have the right to speak with each child alone


    That a requirement is placed upon local authorities to secure the monitoring of the effectiveness of elective home education."

    I'm pretty much against most regulation. I believe that most people who choose to homeschool do right by their children. I also don't believe that an unsuccessful educational institution is qualified to assess for effectiveness.

    There is some wording in there about preparing them for the workforce. What are they, automatons?! This is just another way (in my mind) for industrialized nations to take control of their future workers. The state becomes the authority over the children and not the parents.

    Yes, it is something to be outraged about. I wish I was more articulate (about politics). Maybe I need to look into it a bit and find some action that can be taken. Freedom in general is at stake.


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