Thursday, June 11

Thankful Anyway Thursday

It's easy to be thankful for the good stuff, can you be thankful for the not so good?
(as serious or light-hearted as you like)

We got the plaster on the walls of the house! VERY exciting. There's still a ton to do but having the plaster on makes it feel like we're on the last stretch.

And then after the weekend, DIY Dad went up to the house to carry on working and.... found the interior covered in mould.

After the serious mould issues we've had in both apartments we've rented, and trying to do all we can to avoid it in our house (insulation, better materials, etc), there it is, everywhere. EVERYWHERE. He said he was so shocked and dismayed that he felt ill.

What happened was the plasterers sprayed a lot of water on the pva they applied and then the house was closed up for 2 days in really hot weather. I mean, we basically made a house for mould to grow. Horrible. DIY Dad spent the entire day bleaching and scrubbing.

We're thankful anyway because it happened at the start of Summer. If it had happened during the wetter months we might never have got rid of it. This way, we'll keep the house open and the heat will dry everything out.
We're thankful anyway because it's a small disaster as far as possible-new-house-build disasters go.

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  1. What a horrible find. I'm pleased it can all dry out and that you are on the final stretch. It looks like such a beautiful house Mon, something you have both put heart and soul into.

  2. Oh Mon! Gah! But as you say, it could have been a lot worse. And I have to say, that picture there shows a beautiful home in the making. All the best to you and DIY dad for keeping the mould at bay.

  3. gutting...

    But yes, better now than in the winter...

    Will pop up a TAT post in a short while...

  4. ooh, i'm glad you weren't living there yet too! yikes!!

    and my, what a beautiful house~ look at those stones!~~

    i really appreciate your thankful anyways, mon. you know when something upsetting is happening now, i try to think of a thankful anyway. thanks to you! :)

  5. How terrible! So very glad DIYDad had the energy to take care of the problem right away! Wonderful Man!

    My TATh is up :-)

  6. Oh Mon! What an utterly frustrating experience. Especially one that you were so careful to avoid. I'm happy that DIY Dad could fix it! What a lovely stone college. :)

    My post is up for the week. :)

  7. I love the rubble of stone around your house. It looks like it's been carved of the earth, right there.

    What frustration. Maybe that's why I haven't sought out my dream yet; I'm not sure I have the fortitude and patience. I better get on that, pronto! ;)

    Anyway, I hope everything unfolds smoothly and quickly for you and your family, Mon. How exciting. A place to fill with life!

  8. Okay, post is up..xo

  9. OH no! Glad it happened when it did though so you're able to get rid of the mould. The house looks stunning though :)

    I must confess to finding it difficult to feel thankful today after the Badman Report...although on the thankful side it has fired me up and made me determined to ensure my rights to HE.


  10. Yikes! Mold is tricky. I agree with you that this is the best time of the year to deal with it. Good luck...

  11. How incredibly frustrating! Especially since you've put so much time and energy into making it mold-proof. So glad DIY Dad was on the case straight away. Hope it dries out well so you can move on.

  12. That's so awful about the mold! My TATh related to house stuff, too, funny. Here's the URL if you want to add it:

    PS (I can't wait to see the completed project--I just love the stone exterior)

  13. Just catching up while we all go through the flu...

    Oh no! The dreaded mold. How disappointing that must have been. But good thing you're having warm, dry weather


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