Wednesday, June 17

sometimes you just need to swing

Is it the sense of freedom? Is it the pleasure of the wind rushing through your hair? Is it the motion recalling the womb time? Is it the feeling of letting go, succumbing to nature's flow?

Whatever it is, it brings a suspension of whatever troubles you. Perhaps it is just back and forth, but it feels free, it feels like a reprieve. When no answer comes, no solution, when you feel stuck, sometmes you just need to swing.

Wildflower's first swing time. (poor quality due to vid taken on 'phone)


  1. She sure loved that! xx

  2. how lovely, i love the feeling of freeness on the swing, the wind in your hair and the feeling that your almost flying !

  3. So cute!
    I love to join my kids on the swings, such a freeing feeling flying through the air like that!

  4. Sweetness. Swinging is kind of what I think it would feel like if I could fly. :)

  5. What a happy smile. Fidget and I would be right there next to her if we could. Swinging is such a lovely, freeing experience. We love it too.

  6. I love to swing, too, and watching little ones swing!

    That is quite the cushy chair she's in, too!

  7. Look at her big wide smile!
    My daughter loooves swinging. She would spend hours on it, to the point where I started getting concerned because she didn't want to do anything else, lol. I researched it and there are really interesting reasons why kiddies love to swing....all conducive to sense of spatial awareness apparently...and more...
    For me, tis Freedom for sure, and moving through time and space, and the rythym (how do you spell rythm??) of it, being at one with a rythym of life perhaps....
    p.s, I chuckled at your comment on my latest post. Wondrous and exciting, for sure, but not ideally my choice of how this was created...Haha, then again by saying that I'm just resisting life and its sometimes cataclysmic (verging on death) nature of excitement, lol :)

  8. When I was little, I was a bit of a loner, so I would just go on the swings, and swing, swing, swing. It's so can just swing and dream. We have a park up the road and I'm so bummed that the swings are made for little kids only, and I can't fit on them! I still love to swing...I've even had a longing for it lately, and I've reminded hubby that I want the hammock put up!

  9. Oh yes....sometimes that is just what you need....beautifully captured!


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