Tuesday, June 2

daughter of the winds

I have a whole bunch of topics I would like to post about, many drafts teasing me.... I'm behind on the child astrology, I was going to write about Gemini today (Monday) but couldn't collect my thoughts. I will. They just kept slipping away...

My mind is scattered, my body is heavy.

I have never given this too much analytic thought, I prefer not to in matters of metaphysics and such. Some things are best left to Mystery, acceptance, things as they are, as they are....

But being a blogger means that you get to analysing ideas because you begin to think in posts.

So I googled weather and mood and pressure and humidity and came up with a few ideas. You see, I don't know the specifics about the weather, but as a sensitive person, as a nature-connected person, I am affected by changes. What I do know is that brewing storms with warm winds are the conditions that cause my scattered feeling.

So, I'll pick this post up again when the winds change, when they stop scattering me, to read and write about ions and barometric pressure.... and moods.

............. much later

It has rained and I'm beginning to feel less scattered.

In my micro culture I am referred to as one of the hijas de los vientos, daughters of the winds.
There are many layers to its meaning, but on a basic level, my soul is connected/aligned with wind.

One of the ways the wind affects me is that a sudden or unexpected warm wind makes me feel scattered and heavy at the same time. In my culture, the belief is that the winds call me to ride with them, so they scatter me making it easier for me to take flight.


The Internet tells me that this scattered feeling, and I despite my aversion to make science the demi-god that too many do I am fascinated, is caused by positive ions in the air. Positive ions make you feel worse for wear. In fact, there have been several studies apparently that found that when the warm winds blew, crime and suicide rates increased.

But still such a small part of the story. I'm going to continue listening to my ancestors, hearing their voices calling, hija de los vientos... although being a mama means waiting, waiting, for the next ride...

I wonder sadly, if those poor souls had been taught the ways of the natural world, if they were guided how to align with it, if our cultures weren't so disconnected from nature - whether those people could have instead, rode the winds....


  1. Oh the winds. I become at one with the winds. I love it when the winds blow and when they blow with force - not too much that is damaging though! I become quite excited at the spontaneity of winds. Living on the West Coast we don't get the warm winds like on the east coast of this country, but I remember loving those winds even though maniacal and dangerous behaviour apparently increased. I Loved the warmth and unusualness of them. And also the amazing North-West front that appeared in the sky as quite something to look at.
    I see winds as cleansing, a shaking up of everything. A good cleanup of stagnant energies. Obviously this is reflective of my own personal kaupapa of course. :)
    So is it negatve ions that you encounter at the beach and that's why you feel so good? Am always confused on that one...

  2. Hey Ruth - Yes, apparently so. Moving water is the best - streams and waterfalls - but beaches are great too. I imagine the more waves the better.

  3. That's a fascinating about the hijas de los vientos. Your post puts me in mind of the Santa Anas, or the Mistral. We have a north wind here in summer that comes right off the desert. It makes me quite demented. I certainly relate to the scatteredness with winds.

    I'm very sensitive to positive ions, (a reason I don't like to be on my computer for too long at a stretch). I love a good thunderstorm or sitting near a waterfall or fountain. The negative ions have a definite impact on me.

  4. What about Tarifa at the tip of Spain's most south westerly point, just across from Morocco. The levante blows almost all the time. It really batters the town. And guess what? It has one of the highest suicide rates in Europe.

    But I love it there :)

  5. I can certainly vouch for the power of the winds....I have a deep connection and love a good bluster.....although I find wind to be revitalizing rather than unsettling..hmmm

    Interesting, the science behind it....

  6. ahhh, but winds are individual, there are so many types of winds, and can carry so many different uses and effects.

  7. what an interesting post. i'm affected the same way by wind. hope you are feeling more grounded soon.

  8. Very, very cool! I am a child of the rain. Wonder what that is called? I never new it until I moved to the desert. If I wasn't supposed to be packing right now, I'd explore this more...thank you for getting me thinking (again...honestly, my brain would be [more] mush by now if not for you! ;-).

  9. Great post!
    One of the reasons I like to leave my indoor fountain running is because of the negative ions it gives off. Also, I keep a Himalayan salt crystal beside my computer with a tea light burning in it at all times.

    I love the drawing for this post too!

  10. I love this, riding the winds. I had never read about the positive/negative ions thing. There are different kinds of winds, as you say, but for me the wind always leaves me more restless than scattered. The nomad in me definitely wants to go with it. Or sometimes I feel it is bringing me something new. Wind always gives the sense of a connection to far off places and dimensions. I absolutely love it. It's part of the reason I like the desert southwest.

    Also, it's so true about starting to think in posts. This has actually been bothering me a bit lately - how to experience life without the mental filter of what kind of post it might translate into! A friend says that means I am truly a writer now, as that is how she experiences everything (and has always written.) But I actually kind of want to work through this stage...

  11. Love this post, Mon! In reading the comments, I wonder if all of those who live in more desert areas seem drawn to the winds, while the rest of us seem negatively affected by them. That would be an interesting poll.

    I live in San Diego, and when the dry Santa Ana winds come through in late summer, I feel pushed down to the ground, my head feels fuzzy and often in pain,and I get quite grouchy. By contrast, for years I have told my husband that the air near the beach just seems different, somehow lighter in quality than the air fifteen minutes inland where we live. I think he thought I was being fanciful, or maybe just a little bit crazy, but I recently learned that I was actually responding to the negative ions closer to beach. There's so much to learn about this world, isn't there?

  12. I always feel that the wind blows out the cobwebs. All that negativity just goes. It makes me want to run and travel and fly but I just stand there and feel it blow at me and let it fly on for me.

  13. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting!

    This post is so interesting to me. I spent most of my life living in cities, ignoring natural phenomena like the winds. Since I've moved to a small town in the country, and since becoming more aware of nature's cycles through growing some of our own food, I've become more attuned to the weather and how much it affects me and those around me.

  14. Wait, what's this about running/moving water and feeling better? I have a strong love of running water, particularly rivers. Just being near one is so refreshing.

    Unlike Alexis, I loved the Santa Ana winds when I lived in California. At least, that's my memory of it--maybe I was just excited by them. I don't know much about these things, so I don't know if that means anything about me.

    One thing I especially love is the cool refreshing breeze during a thunderstorm. Mmmmm.

  15. You'd think, being born on a windy prairie, that wind would be a part of who I am. I like breezes, but wind-not so much. I'm already out of my body most of the time, and wind just swoops me away. I'm not the witch on the cloud, but wildly dangling by my fingertips! Salt is supposed to be incarnating, and so...I have a justification to eat the greasy, salty chips that I so love. :D

  16. Hi
    I just looked at your blog, how truly amazing it is and such an inspiration in society today. There are so many things to heal our inner spirit,if only we could open our hearts to anything beyond the medical.
    Absolutely beautiful. I would love to follow this blog & maybe you might look at mine.


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