Wednesday, June 10


Buckeroomama at Mamahood, Among Other Things... was thoughtful enough to share this award with me. Thanks!

It's for being one of the moms who blog that post beautiful pictures/stories of their children.

I'm going to pass this one on to Lisa at My World Edenwild because I adore her portraits and am astonished that she isn't already hugely successful. Ones like this here, and these ones here.

The wonderful Mel over at From Clutter to Shine, has shown off her melons and wants me to show off mine. Sounds fair. Mel, your melons are delicious to gaze upon.

Watermelon Award...for bringing juicy and delicious fare to the eyes of readers everywhere, for providing bountiful food for thought and refreshing ideas....

It's been a while since I passed one on, so I'm going to, as always without obligation.

Bohemian Single Mom - for her tenacious and juicy posts.
Lisa at 5 Orange Potatoes - for her bountiful and prolific ideas.
Jenell at Through the Eye of the Needle - for her thoughtful and authentic posts. (yeah, I know Jenell, you'll just have to accept twice as many melons!)

To follow along precisely - you pass them on to six others, with the appropriate links etc. and share six things that make you happy.

1. getting more than 5 hrs of sleep.
2. discovering yet another wildflower on our land
3. long emails from good friends
4. slow walks along the esplanade
5. good ice-cream
6. shoulder massages

It's Thursday tomorrow, I'll be here for Thankful Anyway.... hope to see ya!


  1. Congratulations, and on the new wildflower!

  2. to follow all that splendid Linky Love! ;-)

  3. Mon, thank you so much for the juicy sweetness. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.... I'll post about it later this week. Wait, it's already later this week. How'd that happen?

    About your corner view link--I took it off my blog, but you might want to ask Jane to remove it from hers. There's probably, like, a gazillion other people with your name at the bottom of their post. I wish you still showed your corner view, but I guess we get relation to your life.

    Juicy sweetness back to you!

  4. Oh, Mon! You just made my day, thank you! I heartily accept! My first bloggy award!!! (I'm so excited I will have to blog about it). :)


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