Tuesday, May 12

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Wow, non-mouth babies are just so different when it comes to first solids than mouth babies. Quite difficult to explain to others. It requires a different understanding and approach to their comforts, and to feeding.

Sharyn mentioned in the comments that she had nannied both types of children. I have only ever nannied mouth babies. Transitioning to solids was totally easy, nothing to it. Even with picky eaters, that's just their personality and I never fought it.
I have never needed to encourage a mouth baby that's for sure. Put food in front of them and some gets in the mouth.

So day two in eating more solids went really well.

I followed her cues and needs, and added gentle encouragement. When she asked for milk I offered her food. If she insisted on milk she got it.

It felt natural and comfortable. And we were both happy. As it ought to be.

The solids did the trick too. She was better filled up and so was able to go almost 2hrs at one point without asking for milk/food. It meant that she was more content for longer, rather than becoming irritable so soon after a feed. And Tara was right about AM feeding. Of course, the stomach is better able to digest earlier in the day.

I'm glad that I listened to DIY Dad's advice to encourage her more. My relaxed approach doesn't serve my child so well, all of the time. And I'm glad that I listened to my intuition to not push and to give her what she felt she really needed. It isn't a battle. Food and eating ought to be an easy flowing element along with the rest of our relationship.

No playing choo-choo or shoving anything in when she least suspects it for us. Although I quickly realised that as she sets the pace and it's quite slow, she was becoming bored. It was a shame to stop eating simply out of boredom of sitting there. So I asked Teddy to join us for meals and she feeds him and stays more interested.

Baby-led weaning didn't work for this non-mouth baby, neither did too much of a hands-off approach. Working in tandem is working so far. She indicates what she needs most, she opens her mouth when she's ready for the next spoon/finger-ful, so I follow her lead. And I encourage by offering solids instead of milk, but give her milk when she wants it most.

Off to get her breakfast ready.....


  1. Taking it slow and gentle at her pace has to be the best strategy to avoid issues with food later in life. She will eat in the end, everyone does. About eating in the am - I find my little one is not really hungry until about 11am (if she woke at about 8am). She fills up on milk in the night. Then she really enjoys her lunch! But feeding more at morning/lunchtime than evening is definitely a good idea if her tummy is a bit unsure about the new foods. I can understand the difficulty with a non 'mouth' baby. I have heard of this before and it completely makes sense. Everyone is supposed to have a bias towards visual, auditory or kinetic learning. She is perhaps already more of a visual person than a kinetic, preferring to examine things thoroughly rather than feel them in her mouth.

  2. Hi CM - yes, she's definitely very visual.
    I wait for her to ask for food, usually takes her a little while after waking too.

  3. that's great~ relaxed and encouraging sounds like a good approach. :)

  4. I've read these last posts with interest as we also have a non-mouth baby. She was over ten months old before it even occurred to her to try putting foodstuffs in her mouth. Baby led weaning would not have worked either, so like you I try to encourage in a low-key way. Her eating has improved a lot in recent weeks, although a new tooth is on its way so she's losing interest again. I also find she is hungrier in the morning, so I offer lots and often.
    I've also found texture to be a real issue. Part of me felt she "should" be moving on to lumpier foods now she is almost 12 months old, but the reality is that she finds smooth purees easier to eat and will eat more of it, and because she is underweight I just have to go with what works for her. I think it is also linked to the reflux, she vomits more often if she has had lumpier food.
    Good luck with it all xx

  5. Hey Willow - YES! texture is intresting to all babies and most will have a preference. But i believe that you're guaranteed another challenge with non-mouth babies. Mouth babies tend to WANt textures. Non-mouth babies are highly suspicious of them, lol.

    And yes again to lumpiness. Non-mouth babies don't like stuff in their mouths, or at least, are more aware of the process than mouth babies. And anything too large is going to be spat out or gagged out. The Lo even dislikes soft banana that is too large - mushy is definitely preferrable for these babies.

  6. SwedishJenn12 May, 2009

    I am sure you will find a big difference in her now that she's on the road to eating solids Mon. Just watch the periods of irritability decrease and I bet she'll also sleep better at night! Way to go with all of this. I know how hard the whole "food thing" is. I cried over it a few times and have had to walk out of the room on more than a few occasions because I became so frustrated. Now he's eating on his own but his diet consists mainly of meatballs, spaghetti and chocolate (though we've since put a kabosh on the latter). Though his food "choices" coupled with some recent stress led to a moratorium on #2 for five whole days (actually closer to 6). We had to give him a suppository this morning. That's a whole OTHER story :-). But today I hid some carrots in with the meatballs. He may have picked most of the foreign substance off the meatballs (he's no slouch), but some carrot did get in and we are endeavoring to incorporate more veggies into this diet...or should I say just veggies as he barely touched them before. So, sometimes we have to intervene, even if "stealthily".,ha! Looking forward to more good news Mon xoxo

  7. Babies will eat when they are ready that is for sure. It is so much fun, the process of our kids growing, learning, and trying new things! Enjoy!

  8. I'm glad you had an easy transition to solids! My boys were the same - very eager and happy to try solids. :)

  9. I'm glad to hear that tip worked for you too. :) I hope you two continue to find the right way, consensually. I know you will. :)


  10. Thank you for this post! My little one is 5 months (our first) and we are debating solids right now...we will be introducing them soon. I love hearing about the different kinds of kids and how to handle each. We will see what kind she is and posts like this help me prepare for how to treat each situation. Thanks!


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