Wednesday, May 27

Thankful Anyway Thursday

It's easy to be thankful for the good stuff, can you be thankful for the not so good?
(as serious or light-hearted as you like)

The Wildflower decided, possibly for some secret baby experiment, that she was going to see how far she could deprive me of sleep before I tore my own hair out. It seems the answer is about 5 days of less than 4 hrs a night, and waking up at 6am on the final day. (if your new in these parts, these 5 days follow on from our usual pretty difficult nights)

But she decided this was old stuff, I mean we did this for a solid 8-9 months, so she threw into the mix 3 days of pre-toddler Almost. Constant. Whining. I believe that she was aiming to see me completely bald.

I'm thankful anyway because I survived.... just.
I'm thankful anyway because it didn't go beyond those 5 days.
I'm thankful anyway because if I were ever to be caught and interrogated, I'm confident that I could go at least 5 days before breaking.
I'm thankful anyway because the mutual lack of sleep is partly because of our closeness - in heart as well as in body.
I'm thankful anyway because I kept my hair.

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  1. Oh. Mon. Having experienced this myself, you have my deepest admiration (and awe) for not only surviving 5 days straight, but managing a 'Thankful Anyway' post.

    When The Moon was a babe, I remember 3 days of this, after which I just turned into Gollum.

  2. "I'm thankful anyway because if I were ever to be caught and interrogated, I'm confident that I could go at least 5 days before breaking."

    lol Maybe you should clue Dick Cheney into this. Much better than waterboarding.

    Docwitch, loved your Gollum comment.

    Whining is my weak point as a parent. It's a challenge to stay patient, sane, and keep your hair.

  3. SwedishJenn28 May, 2009

    Whining. Joe does so little of it that when he does, I almost lose it. I can't imagine 5 days of it. I'd go berserk. Way to be an example Mon and here's to the days when this will all be a distance, "I can't believe I survived it" memory.

  4. Oh my.....such memories....:)

    Not sure if its relevant to your situation...but my darling Sebastian (aka Moon Baby) is deeply affected by the moon cycles. I finally - after many bouts of just what you described - cottoned on to the fact that around the Dark and Full moons - his sleep patterns were/are disturbed. Which led to the consequential whiny days following...Not that *knowing* helped much, but at least I knew when to expect a few rough nights...:)

    This was a lovely and loving post on one of the less glamourous aspects of Motherhood.

  5. This post cracked me up... at the end, especially, about keeping your hair. I remember these days, too. I remember feeling completely insane by 9 AM because I'd been up since 5 AM and I couldn't believe it was still early MORNING.

    Now, when Mica is sick or teething, I have just one or two nights of no sleep -- it really makes a difference in my ability to be present, but I often, like you, notice that it is not longer and feel thankful.

    I just read a book called Sorrow Mountain, written by a Tibetan nun who was imprisoned as a political prisoner by the Chinese for twenty years. It can feel trite to me to compare myself to someone who is clearly in a much more serious and severe environment than I, but after reading this book I actually felt inspired to bear -- not grin and bear it -- but to bear with equanimity, whatever is coming my way. As in, "Let whatever it is help me be a good human today." If Ani Pachen could aspire to this, certainly I can, too.

    I feel the same sense of equanimity in your writing, and I am thankful for that.


  6. You constantly amaze me. Some insightful and funny thanks anyways.

    Mine is up now too;

  7. I can't tell you how many days I've felt like that and how the idea of being thankful amidst it never occurred to me. I'm so glad you are!

    My TATh is up :-)

  8. Great way of looking at it Mon. I decided to add a little 'thankful anyway thursday' to my post today.

  9. I love the one that you could go five days without breaking if you were interrogated. That is hilarious!

    I did a Thankful Anyway Thursday post of my own. It's an awesome take on being thankful!

  10. Yup, that was my favorite too. Great post Mon. Hopefully rest is on the way soon. :)

  11. Poor you, once again I am amazed you manage to keep going and even blogging. And I too enjoyed the bit about not tearing you hair out :)


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