Wednesday, May 20

Thankful Anyway Thursday

It's easy to be thankful for the good stuff, can you be thankful for the not so good?
(as serious or light-hearted as you like)

I remember back not so long ago in pre-baby days when I could luxuriate in hours of reading. I often read in bed. Sometimes it was a few pages to help me dose off, other times I would become embroiled in the story and stay up till the wee hours, promising myself, just one more page... just till the end of this chapter....

I'm now able to catch only short burts of reading. What I really miss, is losing myself in a book. Becoming embroiled, entwining myself around the characters' nuances, falling into fantasy, the keen feeling of anxiety, dread, or thrill at what might happen next. Those feelings that are experienced by the heart as well as the brain, not oppressed by fiction. They are people, they are lives, their pasts make impressions, their futures loom ahead. I miss that sense of the story pulsating around your own person, that when you put the book down, it remains on you like an unshakeable scent. You cook, clean, even chat to your partner, but the smell lingers. Your mind is back inside the novel's folds. And when the book ends, their lives do not. Like old friends, you recall them with whimsy and nostalgia. With regret and wonder. With what ifs.

I miss that.

Now I find myself re-reading entire pages to recall my place. Feeling detached. They are merely characters. It is merely a plot. It has an end.
Fictional moments of passion or dread are punctuated regularly with an insistant mama

I'm thankful anyway because I have chosen a mothering life that means long and calm days with my little girl.
I'm thankful that my days allow me to read anything.
I'm thankful anyway because that I'm reading at all means the Wildflower is content playing around me.
I'm thankful anyway because no matter how short the the reading, the view remains inspiring.
I'm thankful for a husband that has no expectations about the state of the house.
I'm thankful for a husband who if he has domestic expectations is experienced enough to keep them to himself.
I'm thankful anyway because the reason I'm not snuggling with a good book in bed, is because I'm snuggling my little girl.

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  1. I miss those book absorbed days too! I know what you mean about having to reread a paragraph or page. I've been happily spending my days with my kids for 12 years. Like you, I do enjoy the snuggle time with the little ones. It is interesting how certain activities like reading have to change once that Mom hat goes on. I do find that I have a more "human" perspective now when I get the chance to read an amazing novel. Being a mom enhances all experiences. We're powering through our days exhausted, yet happy:)

  2. I remember that feeling well. It's funny too, because although I now have the 'luxury' of immersing myself in a book, (not necessarily without any interruptions from my 6 yr old!), my ability to concentrate has changed. I no longer need all the right conditions to be focused on something. I can really 'go there', and move in and out of that space of concentration and focus more easily than before I had my girl. Interruptions don't throw me as much as they did pre-child.

    Oh, and I love the photo.

  3. I miss being able to sit around and read all day too. Some days I have a hard time reconciling the fact that I can't do what I want, when I want to with my responsibilities, but thankfully I usually snap out of it and remember that I'll have many, many years to read uninterrupted and my children will only be small for a little while.

  4. lol We even duplicated photos!


  5. {nodding head} yes. yes. know it so well. My TATh is up :-)

  6. I had to laugh at the "I'm thankful for a husband who if he has domestic expectations is experienced enough to keep them to himself" line. Hard won experience no doubt! A well trained man. But as Noble Savage said, I try to remember that there will be lots of time for sitting around in bed and reading when she/they are all grown up - and by then, I will probably wish they were still filling my every moment.

  7. I was in need of some reminders today. Here's mine:

    ~Tara :)

  8. Mon, I don't know how you even find the time to blog. And always so insightful. Hope your Thursday is wonder-full. :)

  9. i haven't found tons of books that make me feel that way. it takes a special book for me to not want to put it down. but what a wonderful feeling! the kind of book where you don't want it to end because you will miss the characters.

    i like that you're grateful that you don't have the time for books because your time is filled with your daughter :) thank you for these posts. they present such a good perspective.

  10. This was such a lovely post....I can so very much relate to this...

    I had myself a go at was quite curative..

  11. Hi Mon,
    I did mine...

    Thank you! :)

  12. I gave it a go this week. Been meaning to for several... :)

  13. Had to laugh at your comments on DIY dad. I too miss uninterrupted, getting-lost-in-the-characters-and-the-setting type reading, but then I wouldn't be without the person/ people interrupting for anything. Great TATh.


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