Thursday, May 7

Thankful Anyway Thursday

It's easy to be thankful for the good stuff, can you be thankful for the not so good?

When a person gets it into in her head to re-start yoga, she gathers the resources and picks her preferred time. She takes however long she needs to centre and ground herself. She pauses the dvd several times to feeeeel the poses. She completes the entire sequence and then indulges in the 15 minute guided relaxation. Refreshed, she carries on with her day.

When a mama gets it into her head to re-start yoga, she walks past the rolling dvd and catches glimpses of the poses while she's attending to baby. She figures she can get an idea of what to do before starting so as not to waste time. The time is chosen for her by baby's nap, whether she's now in full mood for it or not.

She needs to get some washing on and sort out baby's next meal and tidy the kitchen before she gets down to it. By now there is very little time left, so yoga 'resources' translate as the baby's playmat.

Centreing and grounding suddenly seem like Great Luxuries of the Tibetan Monks, so she skips that and just gets right to the poses. Not wanting to wake baby up, the volume remains low and with mutterings of, 'what the heck did she just say?' she ends up rewinding frequently.

About half way into a 40 minute sequence, baby wakes. She attends to a myraid of baby things. An hour after she begun, she attempts to complete it as baby seems so content playing with her toys.

Baby finds mama's poses quite amusing and thinks it's a new game just for her. After 10 minutes baby is bored with all that silliness and reclaims her mat, although she's quite happy to share it with mama.

Relaxation takes the form of a cuddle with baby and then out for a walk.

The yoga/playmat during dog pose, or whatever the heck it's called.

I'm thankful anyway because I managed to start.
I'm thankful anyway because I got some of the poses into my head and the next time will be easier.
I'm thankful anyway because the playmat is always there and it's like a little enticement for me to do yoga when she naps.
I'm thankful anyway because it makes me really slow down - perhaps just a couple of poses a day?
I'm thankful anyway because the Wildflower gets to see her mama do such good things, and she might just join in one day.
I'm thankful anyway because it means I have a baby!

Let me know (comment) if you've done your own Thankful Anyway and I'll add your link to this post.

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  1. And I'll bet you're thankful to have the sort of life that makes yoga a thing you can currently only fit into the edges. :-) Wonderful post, as always.

  2. Ha ha, great minds, I was contemplating yoga just this morning... you got further than I did though, all I managed to do was search for "Sun Salutation" on youtube! xx

  3. Yoga is a practice, but mommy trying to do yoga is sooooo much more of a practice. I've been there, and it took me so much longer to get it.

  4. Oh it's all coming back to me now. Those days with a baby - I used to steal yoga time, often late at night, whenever I could. And then, often, Murphy, (or Sod) would turn up and the baby would wake and my Om-ness would be shattered. Heh.

    Which reminds me to email you something that might give you a chuckle...

  5. nice :) i like it too when i'm doing yoga or stretching and my sweet one wants to particpate and crawl on me and pat my tummy~

  6. love it...I did try one of those yoga DVDs where they have you incorporate your baby into the poses - sounded good but she hated it! motherhood is always great practice for letting go of expectations...funny now to think about babyhood - this morning I actually took a shower with all three kids home and they just played, but your post reminded me of times I couldn't go to the bathroom for hours!! but I definitely am thankful:-)

  7. You did good. I used to do Yoga quite often before J, but then gave it up believing I had no time for it. I did start again, but J was older than Wildflower when I started. Good for you for doing it now, even if it is just a little at a time.

  8. A perfect example of SAHM daily life. It all looked so easy from the outside. Now...

    I've posted a TATh at my place :-).

    Thanks again for hosting!

  9. Great start.
    I've written one as well this week.

  10. I love this one! I especially like the last item on your list. :)

    I have wondered about doing yoga when there is a baby to take care of. I have wondered what yogis do. I could only imagine that in order to really get something out of it, one would have to leave their baby with a caregiver so they could really focus. I'm curious how much you will get out of it. If nothing else, the poses are great exercise and help open up the flow of your body.

  11. haha I love the mat! I bet it's more comfortable than a regular mat - one more thing to be thankful for!

    If motherhood doesn't help you learn flexibility, what will? ;)


  12. Yup I know this! I have a 2 1/2 year old who thinks that as soon as Mama begins down dog it means she has a human playground to climb on. My 4 month old watches in amusement until she gets tired of it all and starts crying while I am in the middle of praying twist.

    Yes, yes I get this :)!

  13. Was in such a rush last night. What I meant to say was that it really is a great start because you managed to start. That's something you can build on. Doing just a couple of poses a day is great at this stage.

    I'm still trying to get back into meditation...

  14. willow - I forgot to mention the youtube searching too, lol

    Lisa - I tried that idea with exercises, which worked a tiny bit. I can't imagine trying it with yoga at all!

    Tara - YES, the mat IS more comfortable.

    Nadia - so there's a space between napping babies and bored toddlers we need to work with, lol

  15. I just found your blog through "Mystic Mama," and I'm so happy I did! I love your concept of Thankful Anyway Thursday! I'll subscribe so I can read more of your great blog.

    I've been feeling the urge to return to yoga lately after a 3 year hiatus - my son is 2 1/2. While I've been researching where I can go to take it, (I want a teacher this time around) it seems every blog I read is about yoga. Okay, I get it! Thanks for yet another little reminder to just start.


  16. Welcome Alexis! Always nice to have a new reader join the pondering... and contorting...


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