Thursday, June 4

the little twins

Part of my child astrology series.


When I think of Geminis, I think of curious little chatterboxes. They were born to explore and learn and experiment. They are alert very early on, perhaps even from day one! Unlike little centaurs who are on a quest for knowledge, the twin wants to discover, well.... just because. And, unless they have a reserved sign in Mercury, they do a lot of that exploring through talking, and talking some more.

This is the baby that will want lots of stimulating objects. A handful of 'good quality' toys isn't going to satisfy this little one's curiosity. She wants, no, craves, variety. She needs to see new faces and places as well as objects.
However, the little twins don't simply require 'stuff' or disconnected newness, they need interaction. Baby DVDS are not going to provide that. She'll love to hear you talk, sing and recite rhymes. She'll also enjoys hand and feet games.

She's an inquisitive and enthusiastic little person. You won't need to rouse her to become interested in anything, she's there ahead of you. The worst environment you could provide for a Gemini is one that lacked the freedom to explore or follow her own learning whims. Provide many books, textures, and situations. You'll need to be a place of calm for her as her nerves can become easily rattled and over-taxed.

The little twin will likely adore being carried. This gives her maximum interaction and involvement. She will do very well with baby signing - not just learning quickly, but because she desires to communicate so much, it will minimise frustration when she lacks words.


  1. Yes, that's my girl. She chatters away to anything and anyone, turns any remotely rectangular object into her 'phone', speaks in babble sentences now and is clearly intentionally communicating something. Thanks for reminding me about baby signing. I think I tried it with her too early but she is ripe for it now.

  2. I love this series. What great insight you are giving to those mothers out there with new babies. I love astrology too, but need to study a lot more. I am a bull-headed taurus and constantly fight with my stubborn side. My oldest is a very sensitive Virgo and my youngest is a Cancer, then there is my Aries husband; not quite the harmonious household I seek, but we are working on it.

    Lisa ;)

  3. Did you forget "What is that child doing in the driveway... didn't she just two seconds ago have her hand in the toaster?"
    ;) heehee.

  4. Very true. The witchling is a Gemini; you've got her to a 't'.

  5. I don't have many Geminis in my life (as a Pisces I think I repel them, don't I?) But your descriptions are always great...

  6. Ha! Chatterbox! My Gemini is almost seven, and she is the girl who knows everyone at the beach when we've barely set up our blanket. She loves social interaction, stimulation, being busy, though she was easily over-stimulated as an infant and toddler and i felt like running interference and managing melt-downs were the main components of my job...I missed Taurus, so I'll have to look back at how you described miss four year old...i would love ANY insight into her inner-workings just now...
    thank you!

  7. Yep. Absolutely like my Moon. She's always been this little character, from the very outset, (tempered though by a fair dollop of Cancer). She was so alert from the moment she was born, and smiling and 'chatting' very early. on.


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