Wednesday, May 6

the little bull

Part of my child astrology series.


There is more to the Taurus baby than stubborness, but there's no getting away from this characteristic. Forget the 'bull in a china shop' image. Imagine a bull in a field with no intention of moving from it's cosy spot and you have a very good idea of that little bundle you just brought home.

Yet there is a reason for it. Taureans are solid and steady. They come to their decisions slowly and are sure of themselves when they do. So it's difficult to budge such a decided character.

The little bull wants to be left at peace, and seeks creature comforts and predictability. Routine gives her a sense of security. She is generally easy to sooth and settle once her physical needs are met.

She's a sensual little thing. She will want hugs and more hugs and plenty of kisses too. A comfy bed and good food won't go unappreciated. She will probably enjoy swaddling and massages more so than many other babies.

The Taurean solidity also means that this is an emotionally steady baby. She is not prone to sudden outbursts or whining. She seeks a tranquil outcome to her needs. Only if pushed will you see a force not to be reckoned with.

Similar to the Libran baby, the Venusian child requires harmony, and plenty of it. For Taurus, it comes most easily in the tangible environment. Harmonious colours, melodious music, plenty of sleep, and good food and soft beds of course. And most acutely, a peaceful family.

It is important that the baby be allowed to regulate her own appetite. Scheduled feedings are a big no no. This baby needs to understand her own hunger and satiation levels more than most.

If you are flexible and not demanding in your parenting, you will be blessed with a calm, affectionate, and quietly cheerful baby.


  1. I knew a Taurus baby, and they were just like this except for the hugging thing. Didn't like the hugging thing. But otherwise, exactly so.

  2. Interesting Sarah. I would suspect one of two things. Possibly a strong air sign influence in Venus, or hugging was pushed onto him/her!

  3. I love this series. Any chance you'll do a compatibility one next...either parent and child or siblings? We're planning for our next little one and want to be very careful :-)

  4. lol, planning by sign is tricky. Because you could land a very compatible sun sign with the rest of the planets doing all sorts of mischievious things. :)

    But yes, I have several ideas for future follow-ons, including older children.

  5. Heh. You've just described my brother when he was a baby. They are rather cuddly little characters these Taureans.

  6. My daughter is a Taurus. There is a component of willfullness, but indeed she is my little calf :-) I've always looked on Taurus as more cow than bull! She has always been very snuggly, very rounded little body. A friend labeled her "yummy" -- and that's just so apt! She loves to eat, and eats slowly and steadily (chewing her cud).

    Obviously she has other signs in influence, though, because we sure do have our share of outbursts of whining around here :-)

  7. Ooh yes, very rounded and snuggly. I wonder what's in her Mercury.

  8. This is my little bull C girl to a tee. Helpful in how to bring the best out of their strong taurean personality. Thanks! Must go read about Capricorn and Sagis.
    Have you ever checked out the 9 star ki - Japanese astrology ( and click on free forecasts) that is a very interesting paradigm too...

  9. This was my little baby...but now she's four, and i don't see signs of the peaceful, solid child! more like defiant, stridently mischievous, determined to make her presence known - still slow to let emotions rise and "get the best of her".
    looking forward to the older child part of the series!

  10. It's like you just described my little one to the tee!


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