Saturday, May 23

link and roll

The Dark Moon is upon us, just a simple post before I hibernate....

Blog to blog

I love reading blogs. I especially love reading the blogs of ordinary folk, sharing the complex and simple, the joys and heartaches, the craftiness and learning, the opinions and musings. And one of my favourite things after finding a new blog I enjoy, is to find more similar souls via that author's blogroll.

There are so many blogs without one! shock horror
It's like reaching the last cookie in the jar - no fun!

Or worse somehow, only a handful of links.

If you actually visit my blog, you know I have a regular-visit list of blogs...
Cave Mother
My World Edenwild
Dark Side of the Broom
Mommy Mystic
The Organic Sister
The Awakened Heart
My Sacred Home
rants and dreamy musings
Crooked Hooks

... as well as a feed reader sharing widget. But after seeing so many blogs without rolls, I decided to post almost all of my own reads. Whether I read them often or only take a little dip now and then. And also as an encouragement, and to give a little link love as appreciation. I know I've missed some, but I will check it regularly.

For die-hard feed readers, here's my current list.

5 Orange Potatoes
A Simple Life
Bohemian Mama
Bohemian Single Mom
Bohos in the Country
Club Full Monte
Collecting Leaves....
Compost and Gratitude
Deliberate Life
Five Flower Mom
Flow of Love
From Clutter to Shine
Homemde Rainbows
Homeschooling in the Garden State
Infinitely Learning
Jumbleberry Jam
Knitting the Wind
Life in the Burbs
Mama Craft
Mama's So Mindful
Mom in Madison
My Knitty Gritty Life-Learning Adventures
My So Called Homeschool
Noble Savage
Ordinary Life Magic
Painted Rainbows & Chamomile Tea
Phd in Parenting
Purple Squirrel
Renegade Parent
Skip To My Lou
Taking the Lid Off the Sun
That's Not My Monkey
The Scoop on Poop & Other Mama Dramas
Through the Eye of the Needle
Travelling to Scotland
Writing for Real Life


If you've been reading for some time, you might have noticed that I blog a little less. I decided that as commenting is just as important as posting for bloggy community, then I had to make more time. So I blog less and connect to you guys a little more.

Meme of happiness

I was tagged by Mel for a meme.

List 6 things that make me happy and then tag 6 other bloggers to do the same.

1. When the Wildflower is drifting off to sleep (we bed share) she sometimes whispers out a little mama, and I whisper back a tiny yes. When she wakes, the first thing she says is mama, and waits for my eyes to open and my reaction.

2. Sitting on our terrace on a sunny day. Book in hand, baby asleep, dishes forgotten, feet up. Feeling like life can be so simple and stress free if I choose it to be.

3. Synchronicity.

4. Sitting in circle 'round a fire, under the stars, drinking mead out of a communal horn, telling tales and secrets to the sounds of nocturnal wildlife.

5. Having someone cook for me.

6. Setting off into the woods with pouch and knife. Wild weeds calling out to me. Coming home ragged and worn and more alive.

Did you see what I did? Not a single book reference. So there.
Oh wait, darn it, there is one. *Smugness collapses*

Do your own if you like.

See you on the other side....


  1. i'm so honored to be listed in your blogroll. i too visit most of those blogs and a few more. i've been sort of lagging on commenting everwhere i visit because of time limitations. now that the weather is much nicer the boys and i are rarely in the house. plus, when we are our time is filled with moving chores galore. we are so pressed for time. we're leaving just in a month and we have so much to do. but i agree with you it is important to leave comments so i'm going to try harder. thanks for the reminder.

  2. Honey, thank you for putting me on your blogroll. You have been my main mentor and inspiration for all this blogging stuff. I feel very frustrated because I know there are great blogs I should be reading regularly and commenting on but I just don't find the time. Also, I seem to be crap at searching! Can never quite find what I'm looking for (I wonder if this is symbolic?? lol!). Can you point me to blogs you follow that will help me with organic gardening, diy stuff, off-grid living etc? Also I have just added loads of tags to my blog posts. Don't really know what I'm doing (as ever!) - feedback welcomed...

  3. Thanks for including me on your list! Your comments are always insightful.

  4. You have such a lovely spirit Mon, so thoughtful. Thank you so much for including me on your blogroll. I really enjoy your blog as well, such a peaceful place to visit after a long hectic day. Thank you.

    -Lisa :)

  5. I love seeing blog rolls, as I am always looking for new and interesting blog reads. And I noticed there are a few on your list that I haven't visited yet. I have been trying to comment more as well (I follow almost 100 blogs right now, so reading and commenting can take a while).

    Thank you for including me in your blog roll. Your blog was one of the first I started reading last year when I started with this blogging thing, and has always been a favourite.

  6. I'm working on my blogroll! Only in the last few months have I begun to discover the awesome blogs out there. Before that I was only reading personal blogs of family and friends (the kind you would only want to read if you knew the person/family). Out of respect for their privacy I don't list them. But I am finding more exciting blogs to share and put on my list, so don't despair!

  7. I hadn't had my blogroll up for the lognest time, which was crazy because I'm like you, I always trawl others' blogrolls for treasure. That's how I found you. Now mine is back up again. It is great to see this one, I'm going to go through it with my blog-basket at my side!

    Many blessings for your dark moon time. May She bring you wise dreams.

  8. Wow, your reader is fuller than mine!! I have found several blogs that I read regularly from your list, so thanks for more...

  9. Thank you for kindly including me in your blog roll and kicking me in the behind to get mine up. I'll do everything I can to make it happen before the moving frenzy starts :-)

  10. Thanks so much for the linky love. One thing I've really loved about my blogging experience thus far is the focus on community. It's such an amazing community and I love being a part of it.

  11. Oh my goodness...what a great blog! I love it. Bed sharing is the best, isn't it? :) --Jennifer

  12. What a great list of links - thanks!

  13. Thanks very much for the linky Mon. It occurred to me the other day, that not only is your blog one of my daily must-reads, but that I have found more blogs that I love to read through your blog, than anywhere in this interwebby universe.

    Your blog is at the heart of a community for me. It's a hub of enriching connections, and I'm very grateful for that.

  14. ((hugs)) Time has been in short supply here of late, and drama running high.
    Many blessings for your Dark Moon season.
    I feel honored to be in your blogrool, and promise to get mine back in gear..I have so many to add.

  15. Sigh. I love you.... :) That's all I can say.

  16. By the way, I wanted to say thank you for being the only regular commenter on my blog! (I have so many blog stalkers.) What can I say? I crave feedback.

    I'm with you on connecting with others. It makes the blogging world feel more like a community, and you can make friends from all over the world. I love it.

  17. what a great list of nice things~ so wonderful.

    and all your blogs you follow!? it's amazing that you find the time and energy to share not only with your family but with so many bloggers :) lucky for us~ thank you for taking the time to do this. to reach out and share and read and to help others connect as well. and thanks too for including me on your list, it is indeed an honor :)

  18. Yes, thank you!

    I think I found you originally on the Continuum Concept blog-ring, and I've been very grateful. I've enjoyed seeing you around on other sites as well, and I am always pleased to find more connections through you.


  19. Thanks for this lovely big long list of blogs, and thanks for reading mine. Although I don't have nearly enough time to read them, I do the same as you - following the links, trying to track down really interesting ones to read. Noble Savage has a really good blogroll and I keep meaning to set aside an hour to visit them all, one by one. Now I have to do the same with yours!

  20. Thanks for listing your blogroll. I love finding great new blogs through the bloggers I already love. Also, I'm honored to be on your list.
    I find that I, too, am posting a little less and trying to connect more with other bloggers I enjoy. It's really one of the best things about blogging -- the connections.

  21. Isn't it funny! Just when I think I've come across a new blog, independent of the blog world with the usual suspects, and then I notice a comment left by you, which is great! I do read your blog, but I don't often leave comments, because you usually say everything I would say on the matter :)

  22. Thanks for including me on your blogroll :)

    Lots of other goodies there too. I really must update my own blogroll...


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