Saturday, May 9

happy happy abc

The sun is shining, baby is napping, I'm off outside to read a book. Luxury.

photo: flickr

A: amazon parcels
B: books
C: chocolate
D: double chocolate cake
E: eating chocolate
F: flea-market book searching
G: gothic literature
H: having my cake and eating it too
I: indulging
J: journals
K: knowledge
L: libraries
M: muffins (chocolate)
N: novels
O: organic chocolate
P: poetry
Q: quotes
R: reading
S: shelves filled with books
T: tomes
U: uninterrupted reading
V: volumes
W: words
X: x-rated fiction
Y: yarn (tale)
Z: zoned out reading


Sparked off by Carin at My Sacred Home.


  1. Is that you bookmark? It is so beautiful!

  2. Could I have some chocolate with those ABC's ;-) and some R - red, W - wine. Happy list!!

  3. Mon, do you happen to like chocolate? ;)


  4. What a great list. Your first is one of my favorites as well. I love packages in the mail!

  5. I love that bookmark!!

  6. I too love your bookmark :-)
    Blog award for you to pick up mine. xx

  7. x-rated... yes, that is a much better x word than mine. lol

    Love the list and the bookmark. My favourite... shelves filled with books. Lovely!

  8. Yum. Chocolate and books do equal a whole lot of happiness. A divine partnership too.

    Like your A and B words too. Sigh...I miss Amazon (Aussie dollar too sad for me to do this now).

    I've been meaning to have a go at this list myself. But yours kind of says it all for me. Heh.

  9. A very nice bookmark! You have two of my favorite passions on the list: chocolate and books. Love to snuggle up with a good book and a chocolate muffin. I think I'm getting hungry now:) Happy Mother's Day!

  10. LOL, you crack me up. Funny that you mentioned chocolate so many times, I just wrote a post on my favorite chocolate bar. And planning ones for my new favorite chocolate ice cream and a hot chocolate powder that I like.

    I'm ready to go curl up with a book and some chocolate, too!

  11. OMG, you crack me up! Glad you took part :)

  12. Great list! Are you sure this isn't mine? Books and choccie...what a hollow hellish shell life would be without them!


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