Friday, May 22

baby signs and words

I started this post a couple of weeks back and since then the Wildflower has come along in leaps and bounds. I can't keep up!

So she (13mths old) has been signing 'milk' for a while now. She got 'poo' within a couple of days, and to my sheer amazement, got 'more' after two demonstrations. First I had to ask if she wanted more for her to do it. Then she used it herself. But because we used it so much when eating bread, I think it now means bread to her, lol.
The cool thing about 'poo' is that a couple of times she used it right before she started to go. Very useful. But now uses it mostly after I've asked. At least she perfectly understands what I'm asking. Evidenced by her sudden exit from the room!

Talking, talking.
Along with mama, tata, cat/s, and broom broom (car), she now has added;
bubu for baby,
astonished us with a very clear baba when she heard her grandmother on skype (Serbian version of nana/gran),
birds (just slightly mumbled)
baht (bath)
Since I started this post broom broom has become car
peh (pear)
up (I was a day away from teaching her a sign for it)

Partial words:
dt tuch (don't touch)
ht (hot)
drt (dirty)
clk (clock)
mana (banana)
but (button)
but (butterfly)
kek (rice cake)
uck (ouch)
ba ba (bye bye)

I'm sure I've forgotten a few. She tries to repeat many words I say. Ladies and gentlemen I have a talker on my hands. Oh it seems cute now...

Here's a low grade vid of her signing. If you blink you miss the first one poo, then it's more and milk. She normally does each a little longer but as you can see, she wanted to get on with her rice cake.

However, as you can see by her list of spoken words, baby signing has become somewhat redundant.

edit: I forgot to add ug (hug) and the most beautiful sound after mama....

book !!!! ahhhhh, all is well with the world...

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  1. great! yeah our little one signs some, mostly hungry and done :) but says so many words, i've sort of let the signing go for now. ball and shoe are favorite words. and no too :) which i noticed is missing from your list~ nice work!

  2. It's so amazing how they find a way to communicate with us! Comprehension is growing like crazy at this age. Enjoy every moment with these precious dialogues!

  3. I wish that I had signed with my children. I can only imagine how it would have eased communication and brought insight into so many situations.

  4. So cute!! I need to learn how to add video to my blog. I'm a video idiot.

    So great that she has so many words! I'm glad Michael knows the most important ones--mama and daddy. We think he says hi and cat, too. I'm focusing more on the signs now. He tries to do them, but everything comes out as "milk." I think I need to do more "hands on" showing him how to form the signs. Babies are so eager to communicate, I'm so grateful for signing!

  5. so cute!! my eldest was a talker too, so the signing wore off its value quicker, but the twins talked later, so signing was great...and yes, the talking has never stopped:-)

  6. Congratulations on your loquacious little one!

  7. Thanks for sharing, Mon! How cute! I have a list like this of words Lucas started with, along with his pronunciations. I'm so glad I wrote it all down! We were just reading the list the other day, and it brought us all back to a year and a half ago.

    We, too, started with some baby signing, which soon became redundant. His verbal abilities have continued to astonish and entertain us. At 2 1/2, his constant narration of our lives could be considered by some to be annoying, but I love every second of it!

    (He just burst on the scene from his nap, telling me, "I ripped off my poopy pull-up and put on a new one!" I'd better go check that out!)


  8. Love it! What fun. DS started signing up a storm at about Wildflower's age. By the time he was really in to talking (at about 22 months), he knew over 100 signs. And do we have a shread of video of it? Not a second :-( Thanks for reminding me how cute it is.

  9. That's great! It's so exciting to see them building their repertoire, and then they can just take off so rapidly into a whole world of language.

    Can understand her rice cake priority. A girl's gotta eat.

    Do I detect a very soft Australian accent? The bloke heard that vid and thought the voice was mine!

  10. Yep, signing has been groovy. I do think it gave her a huge dose of confidence feeling that she could request something and be understood. I was a bit lax about signing though, not quite sure what to teach her, what she wanted most. But as she's talking I don't want to put her off. I might still teach a sign for somehting difficult to say, not sure.

    Jumblberry - I'm so glad I thought of videoing it, only JUST though! I need to get her saying some of her words.

    Welcome Alexis!
    Doc - on me? Well, Brits think I sound slightly Aussie, and Aussies think I sound British. So take your pic, lol. I sound Aussie when I use 'a' words, like car and park.

  11. Haha! I just finished doing a signing workshop for a family this morning.

    Signing is great! We did it with our two and it was just the most amazing experience. Up until they turned 2, I kept a "language diary" for both of them --just a simple Excel file, with three sheets (Signs, Says, Understands). Each time there was a new sign, a new word (listing down also how it was initially pronounced), it gets recorded under the proper heading, with the corresponding date when it happened. It was a neat way to track their language development and it's cute to look back on their first words and see how they pronounced them, etc.

    Have a great weekend. :)

  12. I LOVE your video. I really have to start learning some signs. Can anyone tell me any good resources for me to learn some, other than going to a class? My friend's baby of the same age (9 months) is already signing for juice, milk and mama.. it is very cool.

  13. I'm glad the Wildflower is getting on so great with both the signing and her words. Fidget is a bit slower on the talking front, but then she is billingual too, and signing has been a great way to bridge the gap.


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