Monday, May 11

Baby moccasins

These are finished, but I might add some different coloured yarn for a small motif on the top. Or whatever the heck you call this in yarn work.

Yarn: jaeger cotton, cocoa

Upper part:

Starting the sole:

Modeled here by the baby, with purple socks of course.

The original pattern (about as short-hand as you can get!) is for booties at 10cm length. I decided against the top part because I wanted moccasins instead. I also needed 12cm length shoes. What an ordeal to attempt!! There are too many mistakes to mention, but overall they serve their purpose.

They slip off too often so I'm considering doing something up the back, without losing the moccasin look. Hmmm..... we'll see


  1. Woohoo! They're great! Looks complicated though. I'm still impressed by your progress after such a short time .

    And just get a load of those tiny feet!

  2. they are wonderful. so how did you learn to crochet? my grandmother taught me when i was a little girl, but i've since forgot and every time i try to reteach myself, well..., it just doesn't work. did you learn from an online tutorial?

  3. I learnt in February, all online, a tiny bit with a book. I'll write a post to collate all my fave learn-to links.

  4. Gorgeous work!! I'd love a pair for myself. Must learn to crochet!

  5. so cute! Well done - they're lovely. Really neat stitches too!

  6. Wow, they turned out lovely. It's nice to see you have really embraced crocheting.

    Btw, where did you get the "on the hooks" app? I could do with something like that on my own blog. Couldn't find any on blogger, but maybe I looked for the wrong thing.

  7. These are super duper cute!! You are talented. So inspiring seeing your craftiness here.


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