Sunday, April 12

wildflower's week

Week and a bit that is.

She cut her 5th tooth on the 10th. BOY was that one a long time coming through, and number six is following close behind.

She's started eating properly. She even crossed the floor to me to get at something I was eating. It's still small, no, tiny, amounts, but she's willing to try most things.

She danced spontaneously. I haven't danced with her much and I hardly ever have music on, liking my silence.... and suddenly her one toy that makes music comes on and she bops along to it. Hilarious. Now she dances when we say the word dance or if music comes on.

It seems she gets car sick, motion sickness ?? Whatever, it's wet, it's projectile, it's a lot, it requires clothes changes, it once came out of her nose, and it just ain't pretty.

She is baby signing 'milk'. Which is fun to see but sorta pointless because I know what she wants anyway. It seems nice for her though, maybe, to have a feeling of being able to communicate something so clearly. What do you think? Not sure what to have her sign next.

Still wakes up a minimum of 4 times a night, usually 6-8 times. So no change there.

She saw her first chickens, goats and ducks. And was thrilled.

She discovered that she has a section of bookshelf for her books. She went from pulling them off and throwing them on the floor to picking them out, sitting, and reading on her own. Very cute.

She said mama. Let me say that again. She said mama.
Actually she's being saying mama for a few months, but it was mamamamamama and I didn't want to go all silly and just put it down to baby babbling. But now that I think back on it I realise that it was only ever said at night before bed when she insists on me. Now she says it to her Mama, Mama book and has said it when making her way over to me. So I'm sure. I don't know why it's so darn beautiful, but it is.

What a couple of weeks! Like a developmental spurt of sorts.


  1. I enjoyed reading all this. I remember was Zeb was doing all these things and I hought to myself "This has to be my favorite stage". Of course I've thought that so many times since. :)

    Isn;t it awesome how dancing comes naturally to us? We hear something we like and we just have to *move*!

    That photo is so beautiful. Her eyes!


  2. Wow - it sounds like the Wildflower is changing gear quickly - an upward shift in consciousness. It can happen so fast can't it? Gorgeous photo - that combo of hat and eyes slays me.

    Love the sound of the Wildflower's dancing, and it's so bloody wonderful when they start calling you 'mama'. I melted when my little girl did this.

    And the moment when my girl first hugged me back, and gave me the biggest kiss. That's the moment when the planets align and all is well in the universe.

  3. What fun! She's such a cutie. :-)

  4. Great photo! You have such a cutie :-)

    I am always amazed at those little spurts they go through. It all seems to happen at once and then you can barely remember what life was like before all the cute new action.

  5. oh glorious. it's so amazing to witness , isn't it. in just one short week they grow so much. enjoy this time. it never ends. it never stops being amazing, but there is something really special about this time in your daughters life...when they are leaving infancy behind and heading into toddlerhood.

    by the way, she is gorgeous. absolutely gorgeous!

  6. She is so fricken CUTE!!!
    Isn't it fun when so many changes come at once?
    And dancing and a love for music...fabulous!

    My friend taught her little guy to sign. I think it's absolutely awesome and he learned so many words that way, before becoming more verbal. After getting "nursing" memorized, he signed "more", "love you" and "please".
    When you think of it, probably every single one of us learned how to baby sign "bye bye", and our moms never knew or thought that a whole vocabulary could be learned that way.
    Teach her "peace" :)

  7. What an exciting time! I remember being so excited when my kids could start communicating (verbally) with me. And I do think children feel a certain sense of competency or power being able to express themselves. You can see that in the opposite, when an adult cannot understand what a child wants, and the child gets soooo frustrated! Does she eat apple? That's an easy sign. Or "more" kids got that one quickly!

  8. What a beautiful post, and such a precious stage for you both (and DIY Dad, of course).

    I am so intrigued by all those firsts. I can imagine that it would seem such a sacred gift to witness them and experience the world afresh.

    Mesmirising photo.xx

  9. It's amazing to watch isn't it... and to read about. She is growing. It is a very exciting time. She is such a beautiful little girl.

  10. So beautiful and fun...nothing cuter than a toddler dancing...mine liked signing 'more' and 'all done' too, gave them a sense of control I think, even though it was pretty obvious what they wanted most of the time...thx for the mention in your prior post, just got back from vacation and catching up.

  11. What a beautiful little girl. I remember the huge amount of joy those milestones gave me. It is such a special time!

  12. Goodness, she's a cutiepie :)
    I would definitely continue with the babysigning, it so helps with their frustration when they can sign and it seems to help verbal skills too.

    Isn't it lovely when they say mama. Rye still doesn't say it often; but when he does my heart swells.


  13. she's just adorable! it seems like just months ago but somehow has now been 7 years since my last learned to say mama! such a sweet time.

  14. Ahhh, doesn't it make you go all gooey when they start saying that? I LOVE that Beanie can talk now and she is endlessly hilarious. You can look forward to many, many more gooey moments to come. And yay for the dancing babe! Love it.

  15. What a great week (and a bit lol)! I loved it when miss Fidge started calling me mama and dancing spontaneously.

    That pic of the Wildflower is adorable!!!

    As for the signing, "more" is a great one, as is "book" as she's clearly very fond of them.

  16. That is a wonderful photo. What a sweetie, and what a week! :)

    We had fun teaching our kids the signs for animals, for "more," "pain/owie," "water," "tree," simple things they saw during the day.

    I love how babies have baby accents in sign language, too. My youngest son's sign for water was hilarious -- he stuck his finger on his bottom teeth and pulled it away. His own unique style. :)

  17. P.S. That "linkedwithin" widget is great! I'm going to try it on my blog. Thanks!!

  18. Michaels says mamamamamama, too, but I'm already convinced he means me. Though it will be very sweet when he finally, clearly says "Mama!"

  19. First, that is the most adorable photo of Wildflower. Such beautiful eyes.

    My son said the name of the Mama Mama book many times before he said Mama to me. I so love that book. My favorite page is the elephant "mama mama show the way I am learning everyday."

    Wildflower certainly is learning everyday. It is so fun to see the learning. We give and give in the form of teaching and then one day they start to show us they understood.

    We used the sign for "more" and "book" quite a bit. Oh and "please."

  20. I could have sworn I left a comment here earlier. WIldflower is gorgeous! And how wonderful she said mama!! ((hugs)) My dd's first word was dada, but she whispered it, which my cousin thought was hilarious under the circumstances :-)


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