Monday, April 27

the weekend

Hope you all had a happy, productive/relaxing weekend.

My last post disappeared for a while. So if you had popped in to comment on that, please give it another shot.

unidentified woodland flower

DIY Dad took me up to the house on Saturday morning. I'm chomping at the bit to get at the land. So much clearing and pruning and general back-breaking work to do. The weather was pleasant enough but by the time we drove up there it was raining! One of our neighbours asked us in for coffee, and it hailed while we were drinking the brew.

It stopped long enough for me to grab my gloves and secateurs. I was determined. DIY Dad took the Wildflower for a stroll and I pruned and pulled and cleared. I was in a state of bliss. Smelling rain-soaked greeness, touching glossy leaves, chatting to the nature spirits. It began to rain softly but it didn't stop me. I can cope with rain, even enjoy it once I'm out there. It's just cold I can't do.

But then it had me beat and I had to say goodbye.

We returned on Sunday morning and this time it was dry. Our 74 year-old neighbour had said a sad goodbye to her only cow. She was finding it too much, to look after her as well as her troop of goats. So after giving milk for many years, the old girl now gave herself completely.

I felt myself psychologically droop on our return to our urban concrete sprawl.

It hadn't been enough to revive me, but it was bliss while it lasted.

And to cap off the weekend, the Wildflower took her first solo steps. That one got me all emotional-like too. She just took it upon herself to let go of furniture a few times, then purposely stepped towards me. Very pleased with herself.

Did I mention that along with mama, she now says: cat (perfectly, which is hilarious), tata (our version of dada. Tough one for her, so often comes out as tatat or just tat) and broom broom for cars (I said it twice to a toy car and she has made the association to real cars on her own). And of course she signs milk. I'm working on a sign for I've just done a poo.

Here's to an interesting week ahead.


  1. I see you've got your priorities straight when it comes to Wildflower's signing vocabulary ;-)

    How exciting, first steps!! And how wonderful to work on your land.

  2. congratulations on the first steps. they are so special, aren't they?
    and congrats on the gardening.
    i'm curious about how you chat with nature. are you speaking metaphorically or do you really chat with them? ever since hearing dorothy mc lean speak in kobe, japan several years ago, i have been fascinated with the notion of actually talking with nature spirits. does it take the form of an actual conversation or is it more of an intuitive kind of thing?
    would love to hear what you have to say about it.

  3. SwedishJenn27 April, 2009

    Awwww...way to go baby! First steps are the best. I bawled when Joe took his first too. I couldn't believe how overcome with emotion I became. Can't wait to see the results when you're let loose in your garden. I'm sure it will be magnifique and provide endless hours or entertainment. We're looking at our little patch of grass in the back and wondering what to do. Dirt and I are NOT friends. Let alone plants, flowers and anything that gets my hayfever going but hubby loves it and does a wonderful job. Who am I kidding? Allergies or no allergies, not interested in soil-related activities but I do appreciate the end result. I always tell him that I'll scrub the toilets if he makes it pretty outside :-)..which he has no problem with. Keep the photos coming!

  4. Ahhh...those first steps, enjoy! Soon you'll be chasing her all over the place! Good times.

    I spent some of the weekend getting a start on my veggie garden, so I can relate to the feeling of bliss you have working on your yard.
    Hope you can find yourself out there again soon.

  5. Ah first steps.. :-)

    Flower was a Fritilary

    Glad you had a good time in the outdoors, even if you did droop a little on returning to the city :-(

    Oh and I love the words :-) Clever Wildflower :-)

  6. Ladybug - will get back to you on that one. ;)

    Compostwoman - thankyou! We have so many different woodland flowers!

  7. Aaaah, the garden! It's healing, isn't it. Had a wreck of a parenting day on Sunday. It was cold and threatening to rain/snow. But, took DS out into the garden and worked for an hour and we both came back in different humans. Congratulations on those first steps, words and signing! Everything always happens at once, it seems. Makes it hard for me to process it all...can't imagine how tough it is on the little ones. Blessed day to you!

  8. Way to go Wildflower. The pictures are lovely as well.

  9. Great one Wildflower! I loved the first steps, they were very special.

    It's been lashing down here this weeked. I love a good rain, but prefer sitting inside reading or crafting in it. I picked my first few radishes over the weekend though. Yummy! :)

  10. It's so much fun to leave the place you really want to be. Maybe Wildflower was trying to perk you back up! Yay for her first independent steps!


  11. Whoops! That was *not* suppose to say "so much fun"! I guess it's been a long day. LOL


  12. There's nothing like greeness for feeling human.

    chuckle, I understood Tara. :) My typos are a lot worse on your blog!

  13. Glad to hear you finally got to do something in the garden. I agree with compostwoman - I think the flower is a kind of fritillary (note double "l" spelling) - I'm not sure but I think Fritillaria is the latin name either that or the plural. Well worth researching how to encourage further growth as they look fabulous in drifts, especially when the flower heads nod in a late spring breeze. You'll probably find plenty of info about the more common cultivated variety snakeshead fritillary. This might be a good place to start. Be warned, we tried to plant lots in our old garden in Watford and squirrels dug every last one up and ate them!

  14. Ahhh...the smell of dirt and moss and weedy stuff. We are still having some frost here and there---but your flower pictures are perfectly lovely. Oh, good, good for you. And your wildflower signs? Isn't that cool? Great job!

  15. Steve - DIY Dad battled squirrels for the walnuts. Do I encourage more of them? lol

    Launi - yeah, signing is quite cool. Mostly beacuse I think she feels good having been understood.


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