Thursday, April 30

Thankful Anyway Thursday

It's easy to be thankful for the good stuff, can you be thankful for the not so good?

Well, if you've been here this week, it's no secret that I'm feeling a little blue about not being up on the land. My body and mind is feeling the physical disconnection with nature. Not good for a nature mystic, weed whisperer, mountain wyfe, huh?

To say I've been feeling low is an understatement. I ache to be there.

I'm thankful anyway, because the land is there, just waiting for me.
I'm thankful ayway because I appeciate that if I am not there, I'm not meant to be there.
I'm thankful anyway because being stuck indoors gives me tons of time for my own little piece of nature in the form of the Wildflower, for crochet creations, for bloggy connections, and access to occassional socialising.
I'm thankful anyway because it's a life situation that allows me the opportunity to exercise my ability to love what Is.

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p.s... don't forget that the next monthly review is around the corner.


  1. Wonderfully said. I think these lines speak so much truth. I like "to exercise my ability to love what is". I'm thankful that I found your blog today! Thank you for visiting mine:)

  2. Hugs to you, Mama. I can totally relate to pining for home. We'll get there. In time. (wistful sigh) I've posted a TATh post, today, too. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  3. What I like about your TATh posts is that they remind everyone who reads them to be thankful too. And appreciating the little things and learning to accept the bad things each day is surely the best way to stay sane. So thank you :-)

  4. Lovely thoughts on how to stay connected despite physical disconnection (I hope that makes sense lol).

  5. This is lovely Mon. I think I'll start doing it too.

    I've certainly known your ache for the land, and feeling disconnected from it - I have this need also in order to feel connected and whole. But your wisdom in embracing what is, is inspiring.

    I hope your need for the land can draw things to you that can ease your sadness and nourish your that connection in some way.

  6. Ah so good that you can see ways to be thankful....first step in letting go of the ego, yes? I'm sorry though that it is a prolonged wait for you....I can understand your aching!

  7. Lovely post. Thanks.


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