Thursday, April 16

Thankful Anyway Thursday

Yesterday we learnt that our income (our small covers-the-bills income) is under threat. Feeling the effects of the economic situation.

If it does cease to exist, it means we can't afford to remain here and, worse case scenario, we would have to return to the UK. On a daily basis, right now it means living frugally is no longer a choice. DIY Dad was very down about it.

As all his time is taken up with building our house, he hasn't yet put in a full effort in earning money. Although he has laid some groundwork and always has his ears out for any small opportunity that he can squeeze in. When the economy was better, this plan was workable.

He feels that it's a failure, to come here for a new life and have to return.

I'm thankful anyway because no matter how bad it gets our new house is mortgage free. So even if we can't stay and move into it for now, nobody can take it away from us.

If we can't afford to pay our rent, I'm thankful anyway because it means we are fortunate to have DIY Dad's parents who would not only take us in, but would do so lovingly and with open arms.

If we have to return to England, I'm thankful anyway because DIY Dad's parents get to spend an extended time with their grand-daughter. And they would cherish this.

For this situation I'm thankful anyway because it serves as a reminder to not take things for granted. To appreciate all we have, and to have compassion for those in similar and much worse situations.


  1. I really do need to get my blogroll up. If only it wasn't so extensive (and always growing)!! I'm sorry to hear things are worrisome there. We are in a similar space. I really must join in Thankful Anyway Thursdays with you!

  2. Mon-my husband lost his job back in January so I know what you're going through. Though we are back in our home now in Virginia (with a hefty mortgage) we are struggling to pay bills. Like you, even if we were to lose this beautiful home we are fortunate to have family to rely on to an extent. So although some weeks it's like holding our breath, I too am thankful anyway because no matter what- we are no longer living in Mississippi! lol.
    I hope things work out for you to be able to stay in your DIY home. We've been living on the financial "edge" now for several months and I know it can be stressful. Just know that whatever happens...just like you said...there are positive aspects to even the most seemingly negative situation.

  3. i love thursdays at your blog. this is a beautiful post. best to you and your family. everything always works out perfectly and for the best, but then again you already know that.

  4. I appreciate and agree with your beautiful thoughts. A while ago we had some difficult times and we spent three months living with my aunt and uncle. It was quite an experience ... they had never had children and we had 5 - we were a whirlwind in their lives BUT my children developed a relationship with my aunt and uncle that they never would have had and it is precious! It just strengthens my belief that all things happen for a reason!

  5. Wow, I have to say I was a little in awe of the acceptance and gratitude that came through in this post, in the face of potentially having to let go of living the dream you have worked so hard for. Thx for that...

  6. As always I'm in awe of your total acceptance of life in whatever shape it takes. Very inspiring! And good luck to DIY dad! And hey, if you ever have to come back to the UK our door is open...

  7. I am sorry to hear about the hard times, but I am glad you can still see the good. You are in my thoughts and I hope things work out the way they should.

  8. ugh. i am so sorry to read you're in the same spot we are. i'm so glad your new house will be waiting for you, debt-free. i completely trust you will guys will end up in the right place at the right time and all will be well.



  9. i too think it's wonderful how you can look at the bright side of things. very inspiring. thank you for sharing :)

  10. I add my blessings and luck to all the above. What a confronting and testing time, where reaching a place of gratitude and positivity is hard indeed.

    It reminds me of when Ging and I faced a similar crossroads a few years ago. We'd travelled for 5 months and ended up in Hong Kong. Ging was on his sixth interview for a job there, and we'd made extensive plans about spending at least 3 years in China. It came down to him and another applicant, and Ging was unsuccessful. He was shattered, and felt like a failure. I found myself instantly in a state of love, practicality, and positivity to support him, and move us forward.

    It ended up being the best thing that could have happened, as myriad beautiful, surprising opportunities opened up to us, as that one door closed. I realised I did need to take some quiet time to feel a bit angry and frustrated and mourn all those plans and dreams about China (all that was lurking behind the positive, energised me), but it really was heartening to see how strong and thankful I could be in a crisis.

    Perhaps there are other opportunities for prosperity where you are? If you do return to the UK, though, I know it will be a joyous and fruitful setting for the next stage of your family's adventures. xx

  11. I've been inspired by your Thankful Anyway Thursdays that I have decided to do my least once in a while.

    I hope something works out for you so that you can stay, but of course you know that either way will be a blessing.

  12. Ah, the economic crunch. Your thoughts very much parallel what mine were about a year ago. After three years of living with my husband's parents to finish our degrees, there was no work in the area for my husband or myself. Nope, the military was most certainly not the path we thought we would take, but I am oh so very grateful. I love this post and am going to book mark it. It's perfect for remembering that things aren't always the way we want them, but peace can be found. Blessings are abundant if we chose to see them. Many good thoughts are on the way for you and yours.

  13. Thank you everyone for your thoughts, supoort and own stories. I would love to hear your own Thankful Anyways, to inspire me in return.

  14. Look at that baby's eyes! Positively enchanting! What a good mama you are to give her such a day.

  15. Mon, it is amazing that you can find the positive in a stressful situation! It's easy to say that things will always work out one way or another, and hard not to cling to the one way you want them to work out!

    I bet DIY Dad will come up with something if needed.


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