Thursday, April 9

productive creativity and the uterus

It's been a good week in general and I'm feeling so full of Spring that being Thankful Anyway didn't work for me today. So I will post about other things...

I mentioned productive creativity in my monthly review and a couple of you picked up on it.

As a very cerebral person, I tend towards ideas rather than the tangible. Reading, reading, studying, and erm, more reading, were my focus for most of my life. When it came to the tangible, such as in creativity, it was fine arts - abstract and 'out there' to be gawped at.

I have always enjoyed crafty things. I mean, I've done some hemp weaving, but that was always few and far between because, well, it's only jewellery. So in in general, crafts were made by Other People, not me. There have been times where I wished that I would want to craft because it looked like fun, it looked like a relatively easy way to express some creativity, and some stuff was just so darn purty.

It's only since becoming a mother who has lost several braincells and has minimal sleep, that I have struggled to read as much as I once did. That's how I found myself trying knitting and then taking up crochet.

And it wasn't until this last week that it finally hit me. A large part of the reason I have never taken up craftiness is because of my strong practical streak. D'oh!

I need to create something that has a purpose. I also dislike clutter and waste. I've always wondered what the heck people do with all those 'useless' bits. It must collect a lot of clutter. Granted, I've been crocheting amigurumi dolls, but only because I now have a child who will use them as toys. Otherwise, it's scarves and blankets for me.

I enjoy perusing blogs that showcase all manner of creative bits and bobs, but I realised that the posts that held my interest were the sweaters, bookmarks, dresses, etc. When a blogger posts about the sparkly thing they're now hanging in the window, I admire their creativity, but mostly glaze over.

I completed a degree in Fine Arts majoring in photography. While I loved it, I had to admit that I just couldn't persue something so impractical as arty photography. And practical photography held no interest for me.

Sheesh, if I had known this back then I might have worked harder in the pottery classes! Functional art.

This might all sound very obvious, but it wasn't to me. What a nonce. Now that I have made it a conscious understanding, I can dive with full gusto into all the craftyness that fits my prerequisites.

And something else I've come to see, is that since becoming a mother, my creativity has opened up wide. As if the uterus was woman's centre of creativty in All things. And the stretching and opening of it has made a clearer and wider path for me to search for that all.

Who knows too. Perhaps after time creating the practical, I may uncover a desire to create for creativity's sake alone.

As I gave up perfectionism some time ago, I'm now able to marry this with my new realisations and forge ahead without concerns of how good the end product will be.

Every imperfection will be a symbol of my freedom.

Maya Angelou once said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” That's how I'm feeling.

I'm now crocheting like it was necessary for life. I think that my mouth might actually be watering at new yarn and patterns. And even though there are a million crochet projects in front of me, I'm finding I'm stretching out and feeling for other possibilities.

I guess because I've stomped on it for so long that I'm now feeling like it's gushing out. It's like I have a magic overflowing jug and I'm madly searching for cups to fill.

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  1. Yes!! Oh yes! I love that your creative floodgates have opened. It's bloody exciting isn't it? It just kind of snowballs, and then you don't want to stop.

    As someone who always pootled along with craft and sewing for as long as I can remember, the real unleashing of the compulsive crafting came when I had my little girl. And I hear/read this over and over, that motherhood facilitates the creative flow and initiates a flurry of crafty activity and the gaining of new skills for so many women. And if you're practical, it can give all the crafting an added purpose and direction if you're actually making stuff for your little one.
    This is why I'm always making clothes for my girl. It's a necessary, practical joy.

  2. I wish I had time for more creativity -- I do have the desire!

  3. Ok, now I get where you came from with that statement! And yes, I totally agree with both the practicality aspect and becoming more creative after having kids (although it took me quite a while to figure that out). That is one of the reasons I love crochet. I can make things, practical things, while still being creative. It's also why I'm resisting amigurumi (one of these days I'll remember how to spell it and not copy it from your posts lol). Fidget isn't that into soft toys. Although a number of friends are having babies in the near future so that may change. It's also one of the reasons I'm doing less cross-stitch. There are only so many pictures, bookmarks, cards and the like one can stand, and I don't give them to people I know won't appreciate them. It filled a great void and kept my brain working all those years I was bedridden/ on heavy meds, but now it's becoming almost redundant.

    Jeez, sorry, that turned into War and Peace lol!

  4. There is something very earthy to me about crocheting. It fascinates me while I'm doing it. I keep thinking how did this little string or yarn or plastic turn into this beautiful, useful, warm thing? I hope you'll show us some of the things you've made.

  5. As is often the case with your wonderful posts, I can relate to this in so many ways. I hope to blog about it soon, but for me, I see crafting as a way to nurture myself as well as my (often) difficult to nurture, but much loved, son.

  6. Mon, it's wonderful that you discovered this. You know my interest in the chakras, and the 2nd chakra series I keep promising and delaying...anyway, the 2nd chakra mapping that I use basically places it at the uterus in women, and it is associated with creating of all types - procreation and creative arts. That is its 'external' manifestation, as in when we direct this energy outwards. The internal manifestation is as a doorway for seeing, i.e. intuition. So it's interesting that you once mentioned your seeing had been challenged by motherhood, but know you are feeling more creative. That is exactly how I feel - I actually started writing when my first was 6 months old, something I never thought I would do. So it's like we both moved from internal to external manifestations of that chakra, which I think is very common. Now I am trying to figure out how to do both.
    Sorry to be such a chakra nerd!!

  7. that Maya Angelou quote is so great. It's true. The more you do, the more you want to do.

    Interesting the correlation between the uterus and creativity...hmm...I'll have to think on that some more.

    I hear you on the practical stuff. I like my digital photography because it causes no clutter. Same with my blogging, writing being something I've done since I could hold a pencil. But everything else must serve a purpose, even if that purpose is to give it away. Sometimes I feel I may be robbing Zeb of a crafty childhood because we don't make doo-dads and whachamajigs to hang around. But I think creating has more to do with than just crafts, something he doesn't seem too interested in - it's music and art and growing things and cooking and playing and building and disassembling and and and...


  8. How wonderful that you are feeling so creative! I know when I get creative bursts I just feel so alive and well. It's like power running out of my body as I create.
    Are you going to post some pictures of your crochet projects?

  9. Doc, I just find this unleashing so fascinating.

    Amy, erm, you have SIX children. THAT is your creativity! lol

    Carin, ah, and now I understand your resistance to amigurumi. I doubt I would create them if I didn't have a child. But, they ARE fun to make. So definitely use other people's children as an excuse.

    Launi, yes, I would use the same term too, earthy. It's being right there with the yarn that I enjoy.

  10. jumbleberry, yes! That's exactly what it's about. Although I would say it as allowing all of your Self to be experienced. Which, yes, is like nurturing.

    Lisa, yes, you're a chakra nerd, lol. I had forgotten about that though, very interesting. Definitely went from internal to external. I'll be interested in your future posts on that chakra.

    Tara - I think that cutting and pasting and fiddling with glitter is so much fun and helps unleash creativity in children. So I will probably do some of that with the LO. But Zeb is older now andknows what he likes. And I agree, creativity has many manifestations.

    HFW, you can check my crooked hooks blog if you like. :)

  11. I've loved reading this post and the comments people have left. Yes Motherhood seems to have opened up my creativity too. I often wonder what I'd have become if I hadn't become a mother.

  12. I don't like making un-useful stuff either. I have enough crap in this house to get rid of!

  13. How did I miss this post??? I'm reading it, and I'm like, yes, yes, yes, me too! Well, except that I've always enjoyed tangible arts, it's just that I get so busy with "stuff" that I don't make time for it. And I've always seen photography as practical...because if I can make art and USE it to decorate my home, then it is practical! My excuse for going to school for it was that I could make money selling pictures...not the most fun use of it, but at least it gave me an excuse...and of course, using photography to document your child's life is very practical from my point of view! :)

    Anyway, so I have had this urge lately to make stuff. If I need anything, I wonder to myself if I can make it. I bought a sewing machine and materials. I have loads of craft crap in the garage. But I never get around to it (because I'm always on the computer! Hence, the hiatus I'm supposed to be on). Today I stayed off the computer and there were only two things I could think of to do--housework, and crafts. So, I got out the paints and painted a cardboard box for Michael's toys.

    I also have had a desire to knit or crochet (probably crochet because I heard it's easier/quicker). Someone knitted a blanket for Michael and I used to think it was so ugly (not my choice of colors), but now I love it. I even love the imperfections because you can tell it was handmade with love.

    Sorry, I've gone on forever.

  14. Lisa C, I'm also wondeing more and more 'can I make it myself?'. Ooh, let me know if you try crochet. Head on over to crooked hooks blog if you do.


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