Friday, April 3

daisy square

I want to crochet a blanket for my soon to be 1yr old daughter. I searched for flower granny squares and found one that stood out from the others. It's a daisy and I had no idea how complicated it would be!

I mean, you have three yarns on the go for Pete's sake.

However, once I worked out the pattern, it wasn't too bad really, even for an advanced beginner. But I'm not sure I want to make several of these to sew together for a blanket. It's quite large (8 inches I think) so will either work well as a centre square surrounded by plainer squares, or I am thinking perhaps a strip of them and then plainer squares on each side. We'll see.

Either way, I'm really pleased with the result. It's quite satisfying finishing something more complex and quite pretty. If I were to do it all over again I would have liked a tighter tension, but not a big deal.

I got the pattern from ravelry, but the creator has a yahoo group with all the details and help I believe if you need it. And in exchange for such a great pattern, she asks you to make one square to send to her. She puts them together for charity. Nice.


  1. That's a lovely square! I always choose the ultra-boring granny square because they're mindless and yet I can accomplish something. I made a lap blanket for my kids for the car that way. But a special blanket needs something nicer!

  2. That's lovely Mon. It will turn out a really pretty blanket whichever way you choose, but I think I would go for having that as a centre piece. I'm in the middle of making my first kiddie jumper...

  3. Anthromama - I LOVE mindless crochet! lol

    Carin - I can't believe you'll try a jumper but not amigurumi???
    I'm not quite ready for anything that requires guage. eek

  4. booties are an easy make and plenty of patterns out there.

    That is a lovely square :)


  5. Mon that is really gorgeous! I must admit to being a little in awe of your efforts there. I would feel most accomplished doing granny squares at this stage. So much crocheted goodness. Must buy that hook...

  6. Three yarns on the go? At once? Lordy, I am very impressed. Gorgeous design, but rather too advanced for me at this stage. Still keen to get my own hook, and dive into some crocheting for dummies.


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